ALS 4.2.2

The Advanced Light Source
Berkeley, CA

The Molecular Biology Consortium (MBC) was formed to manage the construction and operation of X-ray beamline 4.2.2 at the Advanced Light Source (ALS): a superconducting dipole magnet source (a Superbend) provides X-rays from 6,000eV to 15,000eV. The beamline was constructed under the leadership of Dr. Edwin Westbrook, Scientific Director (emeritus) of the MBC. Currently, the beamline is operated under the direction of Dr. Jay Nix, Beamline Director of the MBC. Beamline 4.2.2 is a member of the NIH funded ALS-ENABLE Program ( at the ALS providing access to general users. 1

Automated Systems at 4.2.2:

ALS 4.2.2 is equipped with an Rigaku ACTOR crystal mounting robot. 4.2.2 users routinely send crystals in Dewars and collect data remotely without actually traveling to Berkeley. MBC staff mount crystal samples in pucks, and then turn over the beamline to the user who, with help from web cameras and remote presence software, can run their own experiments with minimal participation by MBC staff. The beamline uses the RDI_8M CMOS detector for full shutterless data collection with available automated data processing scripts. Staff are available to collect and process data through the Collaborative Crystallography Program of ALS-ENABLE via the ALS General User or RAPIDD Access programs (


Jay Nix, Ph.D.

Primary Mailing Address:

Jay Nix
Molecular Biology Consortium
BLDG. 6, Beamline 4.2.2
1 Cyclotron Rd.
Berkeley, CA 94720

Advanced Light Source


We recommend the following tools for their compatibility and ease-of-use.

Recommended Accepted*
Puck Style Uni-PuckALSACTOR
Mount/Loop Style Any
Rod Length 11mm, 18mm, 19mm, 25mm
Base Style B1A-ReusableB1-RB3-RB3S-RB5-R
*Sample Preparation
To purchase ACTOR pucks, please contact us.


Sample Preparation Kits

Convenient kits of compatible assemblies of MiTeGen recommended products

Beamline Sample Preparation Kits are available in 3 aperture size assortments based on your crystal sizes and include:

  • Assemblies of 100 Crystal Mounts, on 18 mm pins, available in the following assortment:
    • 20 x Dual-Thickness MicroLoops ™ LD  (5 each of 10, 20, 30 and 50 μm aperture sizes)
    • 40 x Dual-Thickness MicroMount ™ (10 each of 75, 100, 150 and 200 μm aperture sizes)
    • 20 x Dual-Thickness MicroLoops ™  (5 each of 300, 400, 500 and 600 μm aperture sizes)
    • 20 x MicroMeshes ™  (5 each of 10, 25, 50 and 25L μm aperture sizes)
  • Installed in 100 B5-R reusable bases or 100 regular bases
  • Packaged and stored in 5 MiTeGen base holders

Uni-puck Starter Kit 2 includes:

  • (7) Universal V-1 Pucks
  • (1) Double Puck Loading Dewar with Lid
  • (1) Puck Wand
  • (1) Puck Dewar Loading Tool
  • (1) Puck Separator Tools
  • (1) Shelved Puck Shipping Cane
  • (1) Bent Cryo-Tong
  • (1) Cryo Express Dry Shipper (CX100)
  • (1) Shipping case for CX100

*custom kits are available, contact MiTeGen with specific requests.

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