A 96 condition protein crystallization screen with original chemistry incorporating a range of low molecular weight ligands found ordered in more than 33000 PDB structures. Developed and utilized in the world-renowned Laboratory of Molecular Biology, (Cambridge, UK) – Morpheus® carries on the tradition of being original and dynamic. This unique screen aims to unlock novel chemical space previously inaccessible using conventional screens.

An IUCr Webinar describing the formulation of the Morpheus® screens is available here, as well as a webinar describing the four-corner method for optimizing crystals obtained in Morpheus® conditions. The kit is presented as a 96 condition screen.

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Product Information

Features of Morpheus®:

  • Simple and effective 3D grid design covering a range of pH, PEGs and salt additives.
  • 49 low molecular weight ligands promote both initial crystal formation and lattice stability.
  • Ideal for membrane proteins (contains PEGS and low salt)
  • Reduced crystal "stress" - all conditions are cryo-protected.
  • Derived from extensive data mining of over 33,000 PDB entries.
  • Available in both 10 mL tube and 96 condition deep well block formats.
This product has been designed and developed by Fabrice Gorrec, in collaboration with the scientists at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) at Cambridge and is manufactured exclusively under license by Molecular Dimensions Limited.