European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Grenoble, France
SC3 Automounter

The MASSIF (Massively Automated Sample Selection Integrated Facility) suite of beam lines comprises three individual end-stations, MASSIF-1, MASSIF-2 and MASSIF-3, all located at the first branch of ID30. All three beam lines run at a fixed photon energy slightly above the selenium absorption edge.

The third endstation MASSIF-3, in user operation since December 2014, offers a small X-ray beam (15 μm diameter) at a fixed energy (12.8 keV), and is dedicated to perform experiments with very small protein crystals. MASSIF-3 is equipped with a Eiger X 4M and a mini-diffractomer and a SC3 sample changer.

The optical design of MASSIF-3 makes use of a horizontally diffraction Si (111) monochromator, and compound refractive lenses (CRLs) and a half-Kirkpatrick-Baez (KB) geometry as the vertical and horizontal focusing systems, respectively. The X-ray sources for the three stations are canted undulators mounted on a special carriage on the storage ring. The MASSIF-3 undulator is a U21.2. It is a pseudo-monochromatic source with a single first harmonic at 12.9 keV. An overview of the setup of the optical and experimental hutches can be found here. 1


David von Stetten

Christoph Mueller-Dieckmann


We recommend the following tools for their compatibility and ease-of-use.

Recommended Accepted*
Puck Style SPINE
Mount/Loop Style Any
Rod Length 18mm/SPINE
Base Style B5-R

Sample Preparation Kits

Convenient kits of compatible assemblies of MiTeGen recommended products

Beamline Sample Preparation Kits are available in 3 aperture size assortments based on your crystal sizes and include:

  • Assemblies of 100 Crystal Mounts, on 18 mm pins, available in the following assortment:
    • 20 x Dual-Thickness MicroLoops ™ LD  (5 each of 10, 20, 30 and 50 μm aperture sizes)
    • 40 x Dual-Thickness MicroMount ™ (10 each of 75, 100, 150 and 200 μm aperture sizes)
    • 20 x Dual-Thickness MicroLoops ™  (5 each of 300, 400, 500 and 600 μm aperture sizes)
    • 20 x MicroMeshes ™  (5 each of 10, 25, 50 and 25L μm aperture sizes)
  • Installed in 100 B5-R reusable bases or 100 regular bases
  • Packaged and stored in 5 MiTeGen base holders

Uni-puck Starter Kit 2 includes:

  • (7) Universal V-1 Pucks
  • (1) Double Puck Loading Dewar with Lid
  • (1) Puck Wand
  • (1) Puck Dewar Loading Tool
  • (1) Puck Separator Tools
  • (1) Shelved Puck Shipping Cane
  • (1) Bent Cryo-Tong
  • (1) Cryo Express Dry Shipper (CX100)
  • (1) Shipping case for CX100

*custom kits are available, contact MiTeGen with specific requests.

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