Tools and Accessories for handling, cryocooling, and storage of samples for Electron Microscopy

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  • Cryogenic Refrigerators, Shippers, and Dewars

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    Various Worthington products

    Worthington Industries offers a range of refrigerators, dewars, and shippers for liquid nitrogen storage and transport.

  • Cryo-EM Pucks

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    Cryo-EM Pucks

    Organized storage and transport for Cryo-EM specimen grids under cryogenic conditions.

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  • Labeled Cryo-EM Grid Box (Pack of 20)

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    Grid boxes form an essential part of the Cryo-EM workflow, as they enable the transfer and storage of vitrified samples on standard EM grids in liquid nitrogen storage dewars.

    Performance Benefits:
    • Anti Static Polymer
    • Four numbered, diamond-shaped positions
    • Optional use of uniquely numbered Pressure Adhesive Cryo Label
    • Label positioning allows for easy viewing of identification number during storage and use
    • Ideal for liquid nitrogen storage systems
    • Standard Round size
    • Easy turning of lid with tweezers
    • Ready to use and economical
    • Disposable low-cost device

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  • C-flatTM Holey Carbon Grids for TEM

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    C-flat™ is an ultra-flat, holey carbon-coated TEM support grid for transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Unlike competing holey carbon films, C-flat™ is manufactured without plastics, so it is clean upon arrival and the user has no residue to contend with.

  • Cryogenic Grid Storage Boxes

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    Specimen grid boxes for storing or transferring cryogenic TEM specimen grids.

    • Four diamond shaped slots
    • Non-static cover is held in place with stainless steel screw, which is tapped in the center of the box
    • Boxes that fit the FEI Vitrobot™, Gatan 626™, Gatan 3500™
    • Round designs fit MiTeGen brand Cryo-EM Pucks
  • EMS-002 Rapid Immersion Freezer and Accessories

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    EMS-002 Rapid Immersion Freezer

    The EMS-002 Rapid Immersion Freezer is an economical, universal application Cryo Workstation for reliably and consistently preparing samples for electron microscopy. Combined with its accessories it can be used for a wide range of techniques and purposes.

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