Cryo-EM Vitrification Tools

Tools and Equipment for improving vitrification of Cryo-EM grids used in single particle analysis.

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  • NanoSoft Cryo Tweezers

    Cryo Tweezers For Vitrobot
    Cryo-Tweezers work with all generations of the FEI Vitrobot and offer multiple features that make the sample...
  • Nanosoft Autogrid Tweezers

    Nanosoft Autogrid Tweezers
    NanoSoft offers the Autogrid Tweezers that accompany the autogrid assembly and cassette loading station from...
  • Nanosoft Vitrification Dewar

    Vitrification Dewar For Vitrobot Disassembled
    Foam dewar and foam ring that are compatible with the Vitrobot, and also great for custom sample preparation...
  • Foam Ring For Vitrification Dewar

    Foam Ring Vitrification Dewar
    Foam ring compatible with either the NanoSoft Vitrification Dewar or with Thermo Fisher...
  • NanoSoft Igloo

    Igloo For Vitrobot LN2 Pot
    Igloo for the Thermo Fisher Vitrobot – provides features for improved environmental control and ease of...
  • NanoSoft Ethane Condenser

    Ethane Condenser
    The plastic ethane condenser interfaces with the FEI Vitrobot spider to enable one-handed ethane condensing,...
  • Nanosoft Ethane Cup For Vitrobot Dewar

    Nanosoft Ethane Cup For Vitrobot Dewar
    Nanosoft ethane cup for Vitrobot dewar is a brass cup with same dimensions as the one from the Thermo Fisher...
  • Nanosoft Spider For Vitrobot Dewar

    Nanosoft Spider Vitrobot Dewar
    Spider with design that mimics that of the spider from the Thermo Fisher Vitrobot dewar set, works seamlessly...
  • Nanosoft Grid Box Ring For Vitrobot Dewar

    Nanosoft Grid Box Ring Vitrobot Dewar
    Aluminum grid box ring with design that mimics that of the ring from the Thermo Fisher Vitrobot dewar set,...
  • Vitrobot Tweezer Repair

    Vitrobot Tweezer Repair
    If your Vitrobot tweezer has become damaged you can now send it in for repair. Send in your Vitrobot tweezers...
  • Nanosoft Cryo Tweezer Repair

    If you damage your Nanosoft Cryo Tweezers, you can send them to us for repair. Despite treating tweezers with...
  • Propane Transfer System

    Propane transfer system
    Allows for the efficient transfer of propane to the condensation chamber from the propane storage vessel.
  • Freeze Forceps

    Freeze Forceps
    Special tweezers specifically for use with the Plunge Freezer that is “self-locking”. Extra sets allow...