Accessories for a more efficient lab.

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  • Custom Designed Foam Dewar

    Custom Foam Dewars
    Need a custom designed foam dewar? We can design and manufacture foam dewars to your specifications. We’ve...
  • CryoCane Package of 25

    Firmly holds Magnetic CryoVials For liquid nitrogen storage in LN2 and Bulk storage tanks. 6 vial holder...
  • Pipette Tips 10µL – 96 /Rack

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    Pipette Tips 10µL 96/pack, 1 box
  • Unitray (Pre-filled)

    Unitray with Uniwand and puck
    Ready-to-use loops pre-loaded in Unitray Stay organized and harvest faster A ready-to-use Unitray pre-loaded...
  • Premium Plain Glass Microscope Slides

    Glass Slides
    Premium Plain Glass Microscope Slides, 144/pack, 1 mm thickness, 25 mm wide by 73 mm long
  • Positive-Displacement Pipette 1-10µl

    Positive Displacement Pipette
    Positive-Displacement Pipette 1-10µl
  • Bent Cryo Tongs (for puck manipulation)

    bent cryo tong
    Bent Cryo Tongs are ideal for puck manipulation. These tongs work with Unipucks, Cryo-EM pucks, Combi-pucks,...
  • Spearlab Foam Dewars

    Dewar Set
    Durable, safe, well-insulated foam Dewars provide superior performance compared with conventional glass...
  • Accessories for LCP

    Great results start with the best tools. Proven easy-to-use tools for mixing & dispensing LCP, plus all...
  • Apiezon N Cryogenic Vacuum grease

    Silicon-Free and Halogen-Free cryogenic vacuum grease that is widely recommended and recognized as the grease...
  • Corning PYREX 9 Depression Glass Spot Plate

    One plate per pack Applications: Crystallization – Sitting Drops Crystallization –...
  • CryoCane

    Firmly holds Magnetic CryoVials For liquid nitrogen storage in LN2 and Bulk storage tanks. 5 vial holder...
  • CryoSleeve

    Made from a clear polyvinyl chloride, for enclosing Cryo Storage Canes for extra security during handling and...
  • CryoVial Tongs

    Safely and securely grasp and position CryoVials Full Description
  • Goniometer Heads and Accessories

    ** Goniometer heads are on indefinite backorder – only accessories are available until further notice...
  • IceOff Liquid Nitrogen Drizzler from AP innovations

    Designed to remove ice from frozen crystal samples with a small stream of liquid nitrogen.
  • Magnetic CryoVials

    CryoVials help keep your sample cold during transfer from a dewar to a cold gas stream. They also provide...
  • Magnetic CryoVials 20 (add-on)

    CryoVials help keep your sample cold during transfer from a dewar to a cold gas stream. They also provide...
  • Magnetic Wand with Rubber Grips

    Improved magnetic wand for handling goniometer bases (caps) and loops for cryocrystallography. The addition of...
  • MicroMount/Loop Cleaning Kits and Base Holders

    Secure and convenient storage of bases (caps), pins and assemblies
  • Liquid Wicks

    MiTeGen Liquid wicks remove unwanted liquid and can used to clean other MiTeGen tools.
  • Pin Cutters

    Several Pin Cutters were tested before choosing these German-made cutters. They provide accurate, burr-free...
  • Plate Seals and Tapes

    Dow Corning Vacuum Grease
    Quality plate seals and tapes for your research needs.
  • Quick Puck Loader

    Quick Puck Loader
    Loading crystal mounted pins into a Rigaku Puck can be a time consuming process with great potential for...
  • Retractable Utility Knife

    Easily and precisely cutting through your plate sealing film allows you the simplest access to your crystals....
  • S-Hook Cane Storage Adapter

    Easily store shelved puck shipping canes (M-CP-111-065) in standard storage dewars like the TW34, TW35-6,...
  • Serrated-End Tweezer

    Heavy–duty tweezers
    We tested more than a dozen designs before choosing these finely crafted tweezers.
  • Tweezers

    Curved Tip Forceps TW-CTF-1
    Careful selected tweezers for your Crystallography and other research needs Over a dozen designs were tested...
  • Unitray

    Unitray with Uniwand and puck
    Save time for more research Maximize loop lifespan Get your loops organized Cleaning and storing crystal...
  • MicroRT Aligner

    MicroRT Aligner makes sliding the capillary tubing past your crystal and onto our goniometer bases a...
  • Pin Tong 18 mm

    Cryo Pin Tong for 18 mm standard mounts and loops to easily transfer your samples cryogenically.
  • Magnetic Wands

    Handling your samples in liquid nitrogen requires reliable tools. Using a wand that can easily retrieve and...
  • EMS Grid Prep Holder 36 Grid Capacity

    EMS Grid Prep Holder 36 Grid Capacity. Measures 1.688″(L) x 1.688″(W) x 0.250″ Thick (43 mm...
  • EMS Grid Prep Holder 81 Grid Capacity

    EMS Grid Prep Holder 81 Grid Capacity. Measures 2.563″(L) x 2.563″(W) x 0.250″ Thick (65 mm...
  • LV CryoOil

    Mitegen’s LV CryoOil™ has the lowest viscosity of any available perfluoropolyether oil and a very low...