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  • The Taylor group (Structural Biology of Molecular Machines) and Rasmussen group (Human Proteome Variation) at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen are looking for a joint postdoc in “Structural Data Science” . We aim to recruit a scientist with extensive experience in data science and/or in silico protein folding or design to help pioneer and establish this new research field - Learn More
  • A Postdoctoral position is available immediately for a highly motivated individual with a strong interest in studies of ion channels in the lab of Prof. Dan Minor at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Candidates should have (or expect) an Ph.D. or M.D. and should have experience in protein biochemistry and structure determination by crystallographic or cryo-electronmicroscopy methods. Interested individuals should send a current CV to Prof. Daniel Minor - Learn More
  • The University of Southern California is looking to hire a postdoc that will split their time between managing a single crystal x-ray diffractometer (Rigaku SynergyS) and doing research in one of our inorganic or organic PI's labs. The manager's position will involve training new users and helping existing users with data collection and structure solving for the more complicated structures. We expect the time to be equally split between the x-ray manager position and the laboratory research position - Learn More
  • The Miller lab at the DNRF Center for Chromosome Stability is looking for a PhD student and a Postdoc to study the molecular mechanisms of eukaryotic DNA replication. Highly motivated candidates with an interest in genome stability, eukaryotic DNA replication, DNA damage repair and/or cryo-EM are encouraged to apply. Experience in cryo-EM is not required - Learn More
  • A postdoctoral position is available in the Dr. Vitold E. Galkin Cryo-EM Lab at the Eastern Virginia Medical School .We have been using single particle approach to reconstruction of helical filaments from cryo-EM images to study the mechanisms of heart muscle contraction. Prior experience in any branch of structural biology is essential - Learn More
  • The Division of Drug Product Development Materials Science & Engineering Group, at Bristol Myers Squibb is seeking a highly motivated Scientist with expertise in small molecule, single-crystal X-ray diffraction, crystal growth, crystal engineering and solid form characterization of pharmaceutically relevant materials - Learn More
  • Structural biology postdoctoral position is available in the Munson lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. The Munson lab is elucidating the structure and function of proteins and complexes that regulate intracellular membrane trafficking, using multidisciplinary approaches. We are looking for a postdoc with a strong protein biochemistry background, preferably cryo-EM experience, to join our highly collaborative lab that strongly values and supports colleagues with diverse backgrounds and experiences - Learn More
  • The Rittinger lab at the Francis Crick Institute in London is looking for a motivated structural biology postdoc to investigate how bacterial virulence factors (effectors) interfere with host cell signalling and immune responses - Learn More
  • The Structural Molecular Biology (SMB) Division at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) is seeking a Research Associate with a strong background in X-ray diffraction data processing and/or software development. A successful candidate will work with an interdisciplinary group of crystallographers, engineers, and software developers on analytical pipelines and frameworks for processing large volumes of crystallographic data at SSRL, with emphasis on serial crystallography - Learn More
  • The Fischer Lab at St. Jude is recruiting a structural biology postdoc for an ALSF Crazy8 funded position that uses molecular glues to dispose of oncogenic transcription factors via targeted protein degradation. Available immediately! - Learn More
  • The Chao Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School seeks a Senior Scientist / Lab Manager. The position will include opportunities for collaborative and independent projects - Learn More
  • MiTeGen is searching for an X-ray and Cryo-EM Application and Methods Development Scientist. Candidate will work with the CTO, R&D Engineering Manager, and other R&D staff to assist in developing new methods and technologies for biomolecular X-ray crystallography and single-particle cryo-electron microscopy and more - Learn More
  • MiTeGen is searching for a Research and Development Scientist/Engineer. Candidate will work for the R&D Engineering Manager and collaborates with the CTO. Takes guidance for daily activities and longer term efforts from the Engineering Manager and the CTO. Supports other development and production staff in their tasks and in solving issues and answering questions in your areas of expertise and more - Learn More
  • MiTeGen is searching for a Customer Sales Assistant who will focus on the development of sales opportunities with scientific customers. This will include outlining scientist-focused sales campaigns, making sales calls to scientists, nurturing opportunities, and providing sales support to a broad range of researchers from academia to industry. The role of Customer Sales Assistant at MiTeGen requires a multi-talented individual who can adapt their skill set to a broad range of areas within our growing organization. An outgoing personality who is detail oriented and loves speaking on the phone will thrive in this role. A background in structural biology or related science is not required, though experience with crystallography or cryo-EM would be a plus! An organized, independent, individual who is able to multi-task and is highly motivated to develop customer relationships, find solutions and adapt to various situations and company needs will find this to be an opportunity to start a rewarding career - Learn More
  • The Bleichert Lab is looking for post-docs and recent graduates to work on our NIH-funded projects. They are looking for highly motivated individuals interested in combining biochemistry and cryo-EM to study nucleic acid/protein machines - Learn More
  • The He Lab has postdoc positions available in structure and mechanism of DNA-centric machineries. Strong expertise in genome editing, genomics or biochemistry preferred. CryoEM training not required - Learn More
  • The Fraser lab in the UCSF Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences has a Junior/Assistant/Associate/Full Specialist Positions available immediately. The Fraser lab focuses on structural biology, macromolecular mechanics, and molecular biology to understand proteins as ensembles of structures and how physical, chemical, and genetic perturbations affect them. They are seeking a candidate who engage in research projects (50%) and will manage daily wet lab operations (50%). - Learn More
  • The Shabek lab is looking for a motivated postdoctoral fellow with a structural biology background to join their growing research group at the University of California, Davis They use structure-driven approaches to study unique signaling pathways in plants. They are particularly interested in deciphering the mechanisms of specific signaling receptors and their regulation by the Ubiquitin Proteasome System - Learn More
  • Structura Biotechnology, developer of the cryoSPARC software for cryo-EM, is looking for a full-time Software Engineer to join the team. Work closely with our software engineers, scientific computing engineers, full-stack developers and algorithm developers to build and deploy new features, functionality and software products that facilitate evolving cryo-EM research workflows. They are excited to support a growing user base within academia and industry - Learn More
  • The New York Structural Biology Center (NYSBC) seeks an electron microscopist to join the staff of the Simons Electron Microscopy Center (SEMC). This individual will primarily be a cryoEM specialist who will assist users of the facility to carry out service experiments and will also have the option to pursue collaborative research projects - Learn More
  • The Brookhaven National Laboratory has two openings for one year term Postdoctoral Research Associates to develop an integrated multi-scale bioimaging workflow for detecting, capturing, imaging, and analyzing biological processes for sustainable and secure bioenergy - Learn More

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