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Mitegen September 2019 Newsletter

September 2019

The September edition of the MiTeGen newsletter contains:

  • Our new lab program which provides special pricing & product bundles for new or expanding labs
  • Our monthly special deals, promotions & give-aways, on a selection of our offerings
  • Featured article on Macromolecular Powder Diffraction – Sample Preparation and Handling
  • Beamline job opening at MAX IV Laboratory
  • News on an upcoming event – Understanding Biology Through Structure Symposium – March 16-20, 2020 in Sante Fe, New Mexico
  • News on an upcoming event – Fourth Annual SoCal Symposium On Cryo-EM – September 20th, 2019 in Pasadena, California
Read the September 2019 Newsletter here
Mitegen August 2019 Newsletter

August 2019

The August edition of the MiTeGen newsletter contains:

  • News on the changes occurring at MX Beamlines in Europe and two solutions for managing these changes
  • JoVE video journal article reviewing the uses of the XtalTool
  • Career Resources from
  • American Crystallography Association Meeting Wrap-up
Read the August 2019 Newsletter here
Mitegen July 2019 Newsletter

July 2019

Our 2019 MiTeGen catalog is now available. See our latest offerings for crystallography, cryo em and more.

In addition, learn about:

  • Custom Barcoding Now Available For Unipucks
  • Spotlight: Loops Help Enable Research
  • 2019 American Cystallography Association Meeting
  • 2019 Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting
Read the July 2019 Newsletter here

May 2019

Register for our upcoming webinar on how NANUQ™ can improve your cryocooling results. Learn about how to choose the best loop for your crystals and about our newest generation of Cryo-EM pucks for improved storage and tracking of grids and cryo grid boxes.

Read the May 2019 Newsletter here

March 2019

Enter our MiTeGen Product Credit Giveaway, see latest innovations in structure determination, and apply for a beamline job.

Read the March 2019 Newsletter here

February 2019

See a crystallization plate’s view of earth from the ISS. See what the most popular crystallization tool in 2018 was and catch up on interesting news.

Read the February 2019 Newsletter here

January 2019

Still plunge cooling crystals the hold fashioned way? Learn how automated plunge cooling with increased cooling rates can improve data quality and eliminate variables. In addition, we discuss our NANUQ™ Access Facility

Read the January 2019 Newsletter here

December 2018

Learn about our travels around the world and give your input on a survey to help shape how Cryo-EM samples are stored.

Read the December 2018 Newsletter here

October 2018

It has been an exciting few months here at MiTeGen. Learn about all of the recent developments and see a posting for a new position at Omeros. They need a talented protein crystallizer!

Read the October 2018 Newsletter here

July 2018

We are are launching a new product, Watershed™, to improve crystal harvesting by preventing drop dehydration. We have some new additions to pucks and other exciting news! 

Read the July 2018 Newsletter here

March 2018

We are proud to say that our product, In Situ-1™, has been launch into space! Read about the In Situ-1™ on board SpaceX CRS-14. 

Read the March 2018 Newsletter here

February 2018

Learn how the XChem facility at Diamond Light Source is revolutionizing fragment screening, and enabled users to screen more than 30,000 crystals on MiTeGen loops in 2017.

Read the February 2018 Newsletter here

January 2018

We highlight one big milestone for our researchers, some new developments in Cryo-EM, and review some of the most recent news.

Read the January 2018 Newsletter here

December 2017

Read our December 2017 newsletter where we highlight our new beamstops, two new crystallization screens, and recent news around the crystallography industry. 

Read the December 2017 Newsletter here

November 2017

Read our November 2017 newsletter here for highlights on automated crystal harvesting with CrystalDirect Plates, our Mount Selection Guide, and recent news around the crystallography industry. 

Read the November 2017 Newsletter here

October 2017

Read our October 2017 newsletter where we highlight our new website, our crystallization screens, and recent news around the crystallography industry. 

Read the October 2017 Newsletter here

August 2017

ESRF MX Beamlines, Impact of Loop Choice, & more!  August 2017 BEAMLINE SPOTLIGHTESRF's MX Beamlines Upgraded to Have New FlexHCD Sample Changers ESRF Sample Changers (Figure: The FlexHCDs installed on...

May 2017

MiTeGen X06DA-PXIII Beamline at SLS, Cryo-EM Pucks, CombiPucks, ACA Meeting Preview, & more! May 2017 BEAMLINE SPOTLIGHTX06DA-PXIII - A Phasing Beamline at the Swiss Light Source A Versatile Beamline for...

April 2017

Get Access to NANUQTM Cryocooling Technology April 2017 SIMPLIFY CRYOPROTECTION & ELIMINATE ICE                                   

February 2017

MiTeGen MX2 Beamline at LNLS, Frag Xtal Screen, 2017 Catalog, & more! February 2017 BEAMLINE SPOTLIGHTMX2 Beamline at LNLS in Brazil An Experimental Station Dedicated to Macromolecular Crystallography (Image of...

December 2016

MiTeGen Surveys Help Improve Developments in Crystallography Research! December 2016 SHARE YOUR XTAL MOUNTING EXPERTISE Are you an expert in crystal mounting or just learning? Take our survey! Complete our...

November 2016

MiTeGen In Situ Diffraction at BL-17A, R&D100 Award, & more! November 2016 BEAMLINE SPOTLIGHTBL-17A at the Photon Factory A Protein Micro-Crystallography, In Situ Diffraction and Low-Energy SAD Experiment Beamline (Image of in-situ...

October 2016

 MiTeGen Automated Data Collection at MASSIF-1, BHT Meeting, & more! October 2016 BEAMLINE SPOTLIGHT Intelligent Autonomous MX: MASSIF-1 at the ESRF Considerable human effort is still dedicated to evaluating protein...

August 2016

 MiTeGen Surveys Help Improve Developments in Crystallography Research! August 2016 COMBIPUCK INTRODUCTORY SURVEYAre you a crystallographer using SPINE cryovials and UniPucks? Take the CombiPuck Survey We need your input! The...

July 2016

 MiTeGen NewsLetter 2016 ACA Meeting and New Product Launches! July 2016 ACA 2016 Come see us at the 2016 ACA Meeting We will be at booth #23 diplaying a whole...

June 2016

 MiTeGen NewsLetter Improved Membrane Protein Crystallization & More! June 2016 JBSCREEN LCPCrystallizing membrane proteins starts with the optimal screen Figure 1: Locally concentrated protein molecules in the cubic phase that may...

May 2016

Continues to make news, enable research, and produce more crystals! May 2016 Image of In Situ-1 plate with drops set by the Formulatrix NT8 Collect XRD Data without Harvesting using MiTeGen In Situ-1™...

March 2016

 MiTeGen NewsLetter Crystallography News, Tools & Tips March 2016 2016 CRYSTALLOGRAPHY CATALOG NOW AVAILABLELearn about the latest in plates, screens, mounts and equipment Discover new tools to optimize your work Grow better crystals with...

February 2016

Get results from your crystallization plate! February 2016 Improve hit rates with controlled kinetics Safely ship crystals in the plate Collect XRD data without harvesting MiTeGen Plates In Space A...

January 2016

MiTeGen NewsLetter Crystallography News, Tools & Tips January 2016 CRYSTALLOGRAPHY NEWSHARVESTING TIPS POSTERStreamline your crystal harvesting with this collection of tips How you handle and mount your crystals has a large impact on the...