MiTeGen Cryo-EM Pucks Generation 2.0

Know you are loading your best grids into the microscope.

Organize, track, and ship your samples on grids for single particle analysis and other Cryogenic Electron Microscopy (CryoEM) applications.

MiTeGen Cryo-EM pucks remain fully compatible with the existing tools, shipping, and storage canes used with Unipucks for crystallography.

Our second generation Cryo-EM Pucks feature:

• 12  well locations per puck; with easy-to-read numbering 

• Clear, affixed lid that rotates for grid box insertion; lid retains liquid nitrogen during transfers to protect samples

• Magnets for strong puck retention, but easy removal in storage and shipping canes

• 2D Barcoding and custom puck serialization for advanced sample tracking 

• Lid-lock feature provides easy and secure loading

• 10 Unique puck colors available for easy identification

• Accepts all round CryoEM grid storage boxes

• Compatible with HC34, HC35 and VHC35 storage refrigerators and CX100 dryshipper

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Product Information

Keeping your Cryo-EM specimen grid samples safely organized during cryogenic storage and transportation allows your lab to focus on research.

Designed to work with the leading cryogenic storage refrigerators ( HC34, HC35, or VHC35) and Dry Shippers (CX100), pucks can be easily filled with grid boxes and placed onto shelved canes for storage or transport.

Mitegen Cryo Em Storage Puck

Puck Features:

MiTeGen Cryo Em Pucks
Easily Place Grid Box In Puck
12 Indexed Wells Per Puck

• Twelve (12) indexed wells per puck; compatible with standard cryo grid boxes (24 per puck) & pin-type lids (12 per puck)

• Unique custom serialization and barcode on each puck

• Tweezer slots allow easy and secure removal of Cryo Grid Boxes

Easy Handling & Tracking:

Easily Track Your Pucks Using Barcodes
Grasp Cryo Em Puck With Grasping Tong
USB Barcoding Scanning Scanning Cryo Em Puck Barcode

• Affixed lid retains liquid nitrogen during transfer to protect samples for longer amounts of time

• Compatible with Front Grasping Tongs and Angled Puck Tongs

• Easy barcode scanning allows for simple tracking

Secure Storage & Transport:

Secure Storage and Transport of Cryo Em Pucks

Unique Puck Lid-lock Mechanism Secures Lids
Cryo Em Puck Features Magnetic Retention

• Unique Lid-lock mechanism secures lids for easy cane loading

• Magnetic retention in shipping and storage canes provides a secure hold

• Shelved Transport Canes holds up to eight pucks (CX100 Dryshipper compatible)

• Shelved Storage Canes hold 10 pucks (compatible versions for HC34, HC35 & VHC35 storage dewars)

Store Your Cryo Em Pucks In Worthington HC34
Puck Transport Cane In Dry Shipper
Worthington CX100 Dry Shipper With Cryo Em Loaded Storage Cane

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