Cryo-EM Lab Tool Kits – Overview and Compare

The MiTeGen Cryo-EM Lab Tool Kits are designed to provide your lab with everything you need to start using Cryo-EM with your samples. There are three levels of tool kits to choose from. These are:

Cryo-EM Lab Basic Tool Kit – A cryo-EM sample preparation tool kit designed for a research lab that wants to begin preparing their own grid samples, but plan to utilize access to facilities already doing basic cryo-EM with standard equipment (glow discharge system, etc.).

Cryo-EM Lab Advanced Tool Kit – A cryo-EM sample preparation tool kit for labs that want to be able to do all of the basic grid and sample preparation for cryo-EM in their own lab, on a reduced budget.

Cryo-EM Lab Complete Tool Kit – A cryo-EM sample preparation tool kit for larger research labs that want to be able to do all of the basic grid and sample preparation for cryo-EM in their own lab with expanded capabilities.

Cryo-EM Lab Build Your Own Tool Kit – Build your own tool kit by choosing the cryo-EM tools that specifically meet the needs of your lab. Includes the ability to add components not listed in our regular tool kits.

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Product Information

ComponentsCryo-EM Basic Lab Tool KitCryo-EM Advanced Lab Tool KitCryo-EM Complete Lab Tool Kit
Quantifoil™ R 1.2/1.3 Copper 300 Mesh - Pack of 100 - SKU M-CEM-Q3100CR1.3123
UltrAuFoil R 1.2/1.3 Gold Mesh 300 - Pack of 50 - SKU M-CEM-Q350AR13A013
Grids for Negative Stain, Formvar Film on Copper Grid, 300 Mesh - Pack of 50 - SKU M-CEM-FF300-Cu112
Grid-Stick Kit - SKU M-CEM-77175112
Glass Slides, 1"x3" - 100 pieces - SKU M-ACC-GSL9011
Grid Tweezers, Dumont Tweezers 5 - SKU M-CEM-72700-D122
Blunt Tweezers, 12 in, SS - SKU M-CEMTW-12LB122
Tweezer Holder, Holds 6 Tweezers - SKU M-CEM-72900011
Magnifying Headset (1.5X to 13.0X) - SKU M-CEM-JHS1011
Positive-Displacement Pipette 1-10µl, 1 each - SKU M-CEM-PDP10011
Pipette Tips 10µL 180/3 - SKU M-CEM-MT-17008604011
Minicentrifuge - SKU M-ACC-MC1000011
Cryo-EM Vitrification Starter Kit, Surfactants/Cryoprotectants and Grids - SKU M-CEM-VK301011
Quorum Glocube, Glow discharge - SKU M-CEM-EMS-Glo-2011
Vacuum Pump for use with Glocube - SKU M-CEM-91003011
Cryo Grid Box Round With Lid, 1 each - SKU M-CEM-71166-102050100
Cryo Grid Box, w/Pin Type Lid for FEI Vitrobot - SKU M-CEM-71166-402050100
Grid Box Tweezers, 1 each - SKU TW-EMTEC-553 122
Blotting Paper (Vitrobot Compatible), Pack of 100 - SKU M-CEM-VBBP100012
4L LN2 Dewar - SKU TW-LD4011
Thermos Dewar - Vacuum Insulated 16 Ounce - SKU M-LND-TD16012
HC34 High-Capacity Liquid Nitrogen Refrigerator - SKU TW-HC34011
Roller Base for HC34 HC35 and VHC35 - SKU TW-R033-8C00011
Cryoguard, Cryogenic Gloves, Elbow length, Medium - SKU M-CRYGLO-367870011
Foam Dewar, 800 ml - SKU M-FD-800012
Cryo-EM Grid Storage Puck System (Basic) - SKU M-CEMG2-BLSK1100
Cryo-EM Grid Storage Puck System (Advanced) - SKU M-CEMG2-ALSK1011
Dryshipper and Shipping Case - SKU TW-CXS-1111
NanoSoft Cryo Tweezer Assembly (Vitrobot Compatible) - SKU M-CEM-NS-CT01001
NanoSoft Igloo (Vitrobot Compatible) - SKU M-CEM-NS-IG01001
NanoSoft AutoGrid Inspection Tool - SKU M-CEM-NS-AGIT01001
NanoSoft Ethane Condenser (Vitrobot Compatible) - SKU M-CEM-NS-EC01001