Cryo-EM Build Your Own Lab Tool Kit

This option allows you to build your own cryo-EM tool kit by choosing the tools that specifically meet the needs of your lab. If you do not see the cryo-EM tool you need or have a question, use the contact form below. We offer a wide selection of cryo-EM tools many of which are not listed on this page.

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SKU: M-CEM-Q3100CR1.3$700.00
SKU: M-CEM-Q350AR13A$852.00
SKU: M-CEM-FF300-Cu-kit$61.00
SKU: M-CEM-71175$145.00
SKU: M-ACC-GSL9$65.00
SKU: M-CEM-72700-D$40.00
SKU: M-CEMTW-12LB$12.00
SKU: M-CEM-72900$22.00
SKU: M-CEM-PDP10$580.00
SKU: M-CEM-PT10-96$20.00
SKU: M-ACC-MC1000$159.00
SKU: M-CEM-VK301$1,371.00
SKU: M-CEM-EMS-Glo-2$20,500.00
SKU: M-CEM-91003$3,500.00
SKU: M-CEM-71166-10$11.00
SKU: M-CEM-71166-40$21.00
SKU: TW-EMTEC-553$37.00
SKU: M-CEM-VBBP100$56.00
SKU: TW-LD4$808.00
SKU: M-LND-TD16$545.00
SKU: TW-CXS-1$1,928.00
View ProductSKU: TW-HC34$1,465.00


SKU: TW-R033-8C00$331.00
SKU: M-CRYOGLO-367870$260.00
SKU: M-FD-800$100.00
SKU: M-CEMG2-BLSK1$2,501.00
SKU: M-CEMG2-ALSK1$3,138.00
SKU: M-CEM-NS-CT01$595.00
SKU: M-CEM-NS-IG01$1,095.00
SKU: M-CEM-NS-AGIT01$95.00
SKU: M-CEM-NS-EC01$195.00

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