Crystallography Pucks & Cassettes

Uni-pucks, SPINE Baskets, ALS Pucks, SSRL Cassettes, ACTOR Magazines & More. Pucks and tools for high-throughput and mail-in data collection at nearly every synchrotron around the world.

  • Universal Pucks (Uni-Pucks)

    Universal Pucks (Uni-Pucks)

    The Universal Puck System is a widely adopted platform for automated sample handling at synchrotron beamlines.

  • CombiPucks


    Allows for storage and transport of cryocooled samples within cryovials utilizing the Uni-puck format.

  • Uniwand & Unitray System

    Uniwand & Unitray System

    Cleaning and storing crystal mounts straight from Unipucks is quick and easy using the Uniwand™ and Unitray™ System.

  • ACTOR Magazines (Pucks)

    ACTOR Magazines (Pucks)

    Pucks and related tools for use with Rigaku’s ACTOR sample handling system.

  • SSRL Cassettes (SAM)

    SSRL Cassettes (SAM)

    SSRL Cassettes are designed for use with the Stanford Auto-Mounter.

  • SPINE (SC3) Baskets

    SPINE (SC3) Baskets

    The SPINE standard is the sample holder format developed by EMBL and utilized at beamlines in Europe and at the APS.

  • ALS Pucks

    ALS Pucks

    The ALS Puck system was originally developed at the Advanced Light Source and is commonly used for remote data collection at synchrotrons.