Services NANUQ™ Access Facility

NANUQ Access Facility

Facility to Enable Advanced Cryocooling of Crystals and Samples

Access to cutting-edge NANUQ™ technology and hands-on training from MiTeGen personnel
Located in Ithaca, NY near Cornell’s High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS)

– Improve sample diffraction quality
– Prevent damaging ice formation
– Reduce or eliminate cryoprotection
– Guarantee crystal-to-crystal cooling reproducibility
– Eliminate background scatter from ice
– Safely place samples into pucks

” Cryocooling with the NANUQ proved to be superior to traditional hand plunging methods. NANUQ samples were prepared more consistently and were visibly free of ice, allowing the collection of higher quality data. High resolution data sets were also collected from crystals without cryoprotectant, decreasing preparation time. “

– Carrie Lomelino
– Graduate Student,
Macromolecular Structure Group,
McKenna Lab, Univesity of Florida

The increased cooling rates provided by NANUQ™ eliminate the formation of crystalline ice, which can damage protein crystals and other small biological samples. With protein crystals ice adds background noise to the X-ray diffraction signal. In addition, fast cooling lowers the amount of cryoprotectant needed for successfully vitrification.

Through rapid and reproducible plunges, NANUQ™ can improve the outcomes of data collection and provide more consistent results.

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Crystallographers from the McKenna Lab at the University of Florida, visiting MiTeGen’s NAF to eliminate ice formation and reduce cryoprotectant usage.


sample: CA IX-mimic
20% sucrose cryoprotectant
Hand dipped in LN2
significant crystalline ice,
and ice rings

sample: CA IX-mimic
No cryoprotectant!
Cryocooled by NANUQ™
no ice rings