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  • Crystallization Plates & Accessories

    Crystallization Plates & Accessories

    Getting the great crystals starts by choosing the best plates. We have one of the largest selections of crystallization plates. Need help choosing? Contact us for help! Free Crystallography Posters

  • Crystal Harvesting

    Crystal Harvesting

    MiTeGen’s patented line of crystal harvesting mounts and loops for superior sample handling.

  • Room Temp Screening

    Room Temp Screening

    Room temperature diffraction screening and data collection.

  • Cryocrystallography


    Everything you need for cryo-cooling, cryo-storage, and cryo-transport of your samples.

  • Pucks & Cassettes

    Pucks & Cassettes

    The pucks and tools needed to enable data collection at nearly every synchrotron around the world. Uni-pucks, SPINE Baskets, ALS Pucks, SSRL Cassettes, & More! Not sure which system is right for beamline you are using? See our Beamline Guide under the learn section.

  • Crystallization Screening & Optimization

    Crystallization Screening & Optimization

    Get more hits and better crystals using these leading crystal screen kits and reagents.

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