Your source for innovative technologies and services for crystallography, cryogenic electron microscopy, and other techniques for probing small molecule and biomolecular structure and function. Our products have been cited in over 4,500 published research articles. We actively collaborate with academic, government, and industrial researchers to develop and deliver new tools and methods. From sample preparation through data collection, we aim to help you achieve the best possible results.

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Everything needed for crystallization, crystal harvesting, cryocooling, & data collection

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Grids, equipment, and accessories for cryogenic electron microscopy sample prep

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Beamline Tools

The tools you need to improve data collection methods at X-ray beamlines and home sources

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Crystallography, Cryo-EM, Beamline events, user meetings, workshops, conferences

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New Products

  • Manual Plunge Cooler

    MiTeGen Cryo Plunge Cooler
    MiTeGen Cryo-EM Plunge Cooler offers simple, fast, and reproducible vitrification of samples for cryogenic...
  • Cryo-EM Grid Clipping Station

    Clipping Station Main Image
    The Nanosoft Cryo-EM Clipping Station provides unmatched ease of use and efficiency for the clipping of cryoEM...

MiTeGen Technologies

NANUQ Hyperquenching Cryocooler

NANUQ Hyperquenching Cryocooler

Improve your crystal's diffraction and enable crystallography research in a whole new way

Watershed Workstation For Protein Crystallography

Watershed Protein Crystallography Workstation

Prevents drop dehydration during crystals harvesting helping you obtain the best possible diffraction

Sentinel Watchdog Beam Stop With X-ray Detector

Sentinel Watchdog Beam Stop With X-ray Detector

X-ray beam monitoring and dosing information without interfering with diffraction data collection

Find Us At These Events

IUCr 2023 Meeting

IUCr Meeting 2023

The IUCr meeting is in Melbourne Australia August 22nd to the 29th. Visit our booths number 33 & 34 to see innovations in crystallography and cryo-EM.

New York City Integrative Structural Biology Symposium

NYC Integrative Structural Biology Symposium

New York City Integrative Structural Biology Symposium is October 13th in NY City. We are sponsoring and exhibiting at this event.

80th Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference Website

80th Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference

The 80th Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference is October 15th to 17th in Pittsburgh, PA. Visit our booth to see innovations for crystallography and cryo-EM.


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