Sentinel Watchdog Kit G2 GAGG

Beam stop with X-ray detector provides real-time X-ray beam monitoring and dosing information without interfering with diffraction data collection.

  • Upgraded Scintillator (GAGG) and Housing (Tungsten)
  • Continuously monitor beamline stability.
  • Calibrate X-ray beam intensity.
  • Record intensity during data collection and determine exact sample radiation dose exposure.
  • Micro-sized for minimum shadowing of the diffraction pattern.


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Product Information


  • (2) GAGG Beamstops – A beamstop with an embedded single-piece GAGG(Ce) crystal, with fiber-optic cable attachment
  • (1) Diode – Cable assembly – Connects the fiber optic cable to the photodiode. Connects the output of the diode to the low-noise BNC cable.
  • (1) Autoranging Picoammeter – Amplifies diode output and provides signal to PC via USB cable. Analog output voltage option available.

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