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Since 2004, we at MiTeGen have sponsored and attended numerous events, meetings, workshops and conferences. These include those pertaining to Cryo-EM, Crystallography, Structural Biology and more. While we are in the business of supplying researchers with products and services supporting their work in the fields of Cryo-EM, Crystallography, Structural Biology, Material Science and beyond, we are also deeply committed to supporting our industry and the people within it through our sponsorship and attendance.

Use this page to discover upcoming industry events, meetings, workshops and conferences we are sponsoring and/or attending. For those events we are attending we would very much like to meet you in person. See listings below for how to find us at event.

This page also lists past events we have been involved in.

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Current and Future Events - Meetings - Workshops - Conferences

FEBS 2024 Advanced Course – Advanced Methods In Macromolecular Crystallization

Start date: June 9, 2024 - End date: June 15, 2024
Location: Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

The course is designed to bring over the message of the benefits of more rational approaches to macromolecular crystallization. It consists of theoretical lectures, seminars as well as practical work and demonstrations (lectures 40%, practical work 50%, discussions 10%). For crystallization experiments, typical recipes using commercial proteins will be used. In addition, students can bring their own proteins and carry out crystallization trials on these during the course.

Annual Sweprot Conference

Start date: June 14, 2024 - End date: June 17, 2024
Location: Tällberg, Sweden

SWEPROT is an annual conference that has brought 150 Swedish structural biologists together each summer for the past 26 years. This year, between 14-17 June 2024, Uppsala University is organizing the 27th SWEPROT. It is held every year in Tällberg (Dalarna), located 2.5 hours from the Arlanda airport in a lovely, historical part of Sweden. The entire Swedish market for X-ray crystallography and cryoEM will be attending.

3rt International Conference on Noncovalent Interactions (ICNI-III)

Start date: June 17, 2024 - End date: June 21, 2024
Location: Belgrade, Serbia

The conference aims to highlight the role of Noncovalent Interactions in Synthesis, Catalysis, Crystal engineering, Molecular recognition,
Medicinal chemistry, Biology, Materials science, Electrochemical immobilization, etc. including also Theoretical aspects. All approaches
are considered, from fundamental to applied ones and multidisciplinary studies

National Crystallization Center Summer 2024 Applied Crystallography Workshop In Person Edition

Start date: June 20, 2024 - End date: June 21, 2024
Location: Buffalo, NY

The Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute is running a crystallization workshop focused on the practical aspects of setting up optimization trays for diffraction-based experiments. The workshop will include tutorials on designing grid screens using multiple crystallization formats and crystal harvesting. Participants will be encouraged to set up experiments to optimize crystals of their own proteins of interest using cutting-edge crystallization equipment and crystal imagers equipped with SONICC.

The workshop is open to researchers at all levels, including students, postdocs, and PIs. It is segmented into a 4 to 5-hour virtual component on May 23rd and two on-site in-person components in Buffalo, New York, on June 20-21, 2024, or August 20-21, 2024. We are sponsoring this workshop.

ACA Summer Course

Start date: June 23, 2024 - End date: June 30, 2024
Location: West Lafayette, IN

The ACA Summer Course in Chemical Crystallography is a program that is now into its third decade of instruction here in the United States. The current incarnation of the course is directed towards Single-Crystal Chemical Crystallography and Powder Diffraction techniques, as applicable to small molecule studies. The course is designed to instruct attendees in the theory and practice of these two aspects of crystallography.

Accelerator Reliability Workshop 2024

Start date: June 23, 2024 - End date: June 28, 2024
Location: Helsingborg, Sweden

ESS and MAX IV will be jointly hosting the international Accelerator Reliability Workshop 2024 ( in Helsingborg, Sweden. They want to bring together the worldwide accelerator community and other industries to exchange experiences in designing, testing, commissioning, operating, and maintaining reliable facilities. This workshop aims to stimulate information sharing on technical issues and challenges faced, common cultural and human factors, and future opportunities.

11th International Conference on Aperiodic Crystals

Start date: June 24, 2024 - End date: June 28, 2024
Location: Caen, France

Aperiodic 2024 provides an excellent opportunity to learn about new results in the field of aperiodic crystals, including incommensurately modulated phases, composite crystals, and quasicrystals. Aperiodic 2024 also offers an opportunity for researchers working in these fields to exchange ideas and encourage collaborations with other research groups, hence promoting material science and engineering.

29th Conference of the Serbian Crystallographic Society

Start date: June 27, 2024 - End date: June 28, 2024
Location: TBD

The 29th Conference of the Serbian Crystallographic Society is scheduled for June 27 and 28, 2024. Features plenary lecturers, oral presentations, poster presentations, awards, social activities and more.

48th FEBS Congress

Start date: June 29, 2024 - End date: July 3, 2024
Location: Milano, Italy

The 48th FEBS Congress will cover a broad range of fundamental and emerging molecular and cellular life science topics arranged through 32 parallel sessions.

Of these parallel sessions, ‘Symposia’ will be grouped within four main themes: Biochemistry is Key for Life Sciences, Environmental Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Human Well-being, and Biochemistry in Health and Diseases. Each symposium session (lasting 2 hours) will host lectures by two invited speakers; additional speakers will be selected for symposia talks from the submitted abstracts. Furthermore, several speed talks will also be picked from submitted abstracts for speed talk sessions. This organization will foster the presentation of top-notch subjects and latest developments, as well as applied and technological research, from the international community.

Additionally, ‘Special Sessions’ (focusing on Biochemical Education, Science and Society, Women in Science, and Private and Public Funds in Translational Research) and Sessions specifically managed by Young Scientists (on “Biosensors” and “Biochemistry of drug repurposing”) will be also hosted.

Symposium of the French Association of Crystallography

Start date: July 2, 2024 - End date: July 5, 2024
Location: Montpellier, France

AFC 2024, there will be 14 sessions around thematic groups – biology, chemistry, physics – and transversal axes – crystal growth, teaching and mediation, large instruments – of the AFC as well as Earth sciences and all the interfaces between these disciplines. Four plenary conferences, poster sessions, as well as meeting times and sessions with exhibitors are also planned. This AFC congress will also be the occasion for the presentation of the second “ André Guinier ” prize, thesis prizes and the holding of the general assembly.

The organizers invite you to come and share your latest ideas and results during this highlight of our community and actively participate in the life of your association!

RICT 2024 58th International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry

Start date: July 3, 2024 - End date: July 5, 2024
Location: Bordeaux, France

The congress will be devoted to “Interfacing Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery” and will feature 20 plenary lectures and 6 short lectures. As for previous editions of RICT, the scientific committee will ensure the high quality and diversity of the scientific programme together with the accessibility of the meeting to PhD/post-doc and local Master students. For the latter, an advantageous registration fee will be proposed.

In addition, a poster session will provide the opportunity for all participants to present their current results. Poster prizes will be attributed at the end of the meeting.

74th ACA Annual Meeting

Start date: July 7, 2024 - End date: July 12, 2024
Location: Denver, CO

The ACA Meeting is an annual event providing scientists from a wide variety of backgrounds the opportunity to exchange cutting edge ideas and techniques in multiple areas of research. Each meeting highlights various aspects of crystallography and demonstrates their significance to the greater scientific community. Vendors display the latest technology at the exhibit show.

EMBO Practical Course Time-resolved macromolecular serial crystallography

Start date: July 8, 2024 - End date: July 12, 2024
Location: Grenoble, France

The advent of serial crystallography at free electron laser sources and the following adaptation of these methods at 3rd and 4th generation synchrotrons have opened new possibilities to perform room temperature time relolved studies in macromolecular crystallography.

This practical course aims to teach participants know-how of time-resolved serial crystallography and to illustrate the entire pipeline from sample-preparation to a 3D molecular movie. Lectures and practical sessions will be delivered to explain how to prepare micro-crystals of biomolecules, how to use various sample delivery methods for serial crystallography, to design time-resolved experiments, to collect data, and to process serial crystallographic data.

Pacific Northwest Summer Crystallographic Workshop

Start date: July 17, 2024 - End date: July 20, 2024
Location: Whitworth University, Spokane

The four-day Pacific Northwest Summer Crystallographic Institute aims to instruct students and their faculty research mentors (up to 20 participants) in the methods and rewards of small molecule X-ray crystallography as a tool for routine characterization. While other workshops and academic courses focus on training crystallographers, the institute is unique in having junior scholars and faculty who wish to become better informed consumers of crystallographic data as its target audience.

2024 FASEB Virus Structure and Assembly Conference

Start date: July 20, 2024 - End date: July 25, 2024
Location: Southbridge, MA

The conference will cover topics and methodologies such as viral genomics, new anti-viral treatments, emerging viruses, and pandemic readiness. It is an ideal forum for every kind of researcher or invested party including academic researchers, post-docs, and graduate students as well as researchers from governmental agencies and the private sector. The conference will feature discoveries and methodologies to study viruses, which are crucial to identifying new pharmacological targets and treatments for viral diseases.

Early career diffraction methods seminar 2024 – Collecting Data and Solving Structures

Start date: July 21, 2024 - End date: July 22, 2024
Location: Berlin, Germany

Early career diffraction methods seminar 2024 – Collecting Data and Solving Structures: the Good, the Bragg, and the Analysis is July 21-22 in Berlin Germany.

Diffraction Methods in Structural Biology 2024

Start date: July 22, 2024 - End date: July 27, 2024
Location: Berlin, Germany

Scientific program includes: The measurement strikes back or the return of the experiment. Development of radiation sources over the last two decades. Making great use of the sources we have today. Possibilities afforded by new sources. Data processing how did we get to here and more!

The Protein Society 38th Annual Symposium

Start date: July 23, 2024 - End date: July 26, 2024
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

The symposium spans the broad range of protein science, combining critical underpinnings of the field, the latest developments and a vision into the future with career development and technical workshops as well as ample networking opportunities. This year’s Symposium continues the society’s commitment to open participation, with each session featuring contributed talks and speakers from across a broad range of topics.


Start date: July 23, 2024 - End date: July 25, 2024
Location: Washington, D.C.


Recent advances in cell-based medicine, immunotherapy, drug and vaccine discovery, new foods, environmental and species conservation and safety, and outer space exploration, are calling for the development of ingenious cryobiological techniques to enable the eventual success of those cutting-edge technologies. In this regard, engineering is an integral part of the field of cryobiology. A few illustrations are the development and creation of innovative cryo-devices and materials, new approaches to control ice formation, and novel strategies for improving cryopreservation or cryosurgery. CRYO2024 aims to further the connection between engineering and cryobiology by providing an ideal forum for experts from academia, industry, government, and non-profit organizations, to exchange their latest findings and forward-looking perspectives that will contribute to a better life and sustainability on our planet.

Microscopy and Microanalysis 2024

Start date: July 28, 2024 - End date: August 1, 2024
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Microscopy and Microanalysis 2024 provides a forum for microscopy education and networking. More information coming soon!

10th Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Workshop

Date: August 1, 2024
Location: Omaha, Nebraska

This workshop is intended to provide a forum for researchers working with proteins, nucleic acids and other biomolecules, using a variety of biophysical techniques, including X-ray crystallography, fluorescence, AFM, NMR, calorimetry, etc. The event will feature several individual presentations by internationally recognized scientists currently working in the field, as well as various poster sessions and networking opportunities throughout the day.

European Microscopy Congress 2024

Start date: August 25, 2024 - End date: August 30, 2024
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

The European Microscopy Congress 2024 (emc2024) will bring the world of scientific imaging together in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities – Copenhagen, Denmark.

Incorporating a balanced conference programme of light and electron microscopy in both physical and life sciences – microscopists, manufacturers, and suppliers will come together to share new techniques, applications and technology.

34th European Crystallographic Meeting

Start date: August 26, 2024 - End date: August 30, 2024
Location: Padova, Italy

The ECMs are the main meeting point for crystallographers in the ECA area to show their recent
research, and ECM34 in Padova will be the first ECM to follow the 26th IUCr Congress in Melbourne
(IUCr 2023). The scientific program jointly organized by all the ECA Special Interest groups (SIGs)
provide the ideal update in all fields of crystallographic research and education. The synergy
between ECM34 and the EPDIC18 conference will represent the ideal forum to present and discuss
developments of all aspects of crystallography.

Membrane protein expression, purification, and characterisation 3 (mPEPC3)

Start date: September 9, 2024 - End date: September 16, 2024
Location: Hamburg, Germany

This hands-on course focuses on training participants on how to work with membrane proteins, troubleshooting in the wet lab during solubilisation and reconstitution, and conducting experiments at the beamlines and during early stages of cryoEM screening.

To perform integrated structural biology experiments, well equipped crystallisation and cryo-EM facilities, as well as beamlines for SAXS for time-resolved macromolecular crystallography will be used.

Third Annual Early Career Symposium at IBBR

Date: September 12, 2024
Location: Rockville, Maryland

The Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research (IBBR) invites you to participate in the Third Annual Early Career Symposium at IBBR on September 12, 2024 from 8:30am-6:00pm at their facility in Rockville, Maryland. This year’s symposium builds on the success of their past symposiums held in 2022 and 2023 which were attended by 150 participants from the University System of Maryland, NIST, NIH, FDA, Johns Hopkins, AstraZeneca and many more.

Their aim to provide a forum for graduate students and post-docs to share their exciting new scientific research in the fields of disease biology and biotherapeutics development and analysis. Although speakers will be graduate students and post-docs, they have invited scientists at all career stages to attend this symposium. They hope this will provide an opportunity for visiting students and post-docs to interact with the IBBR post-docs, students, and faculty to discuss the latest research developments at IBBR.

The 4th International Online Conference on Crystals

Start date: September 18, 2024 - End date: September 20, 2024
Location: Virtual, Online

You are cordially invited to participate in the 4th International Electronic Conference on Crystals (IOCC 2024), sponsored by the MDPI open access journal Crystals. This is a new and improved initiative based on the experience from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd International Electronic Conference on Crystals, (;; which affords the opportunity for researchers engaged in the study of crystalline materials to present their research and exchange ideas with their colleagues. This is a virtual conference held at is a platform developed and sponsored by MDPI to organize electronic conferences, and to provide our community with the technical support for hosting our digital conferences.

The 4th International Online Conference on Crystals

Start date: September 18, 2024 - End date: September 20, 2024
Location: Online

You are cordially invited to participate in the 4th International Electronic Conference on Crystals (IOCC 2024), sponsored by the MDPI open access journal Crystals. The conference affords the opportunity for researchers engaged in the study of crystalline materials to present their research and exchange ideas with their colleagues. This is a virtual conference held at is a platform developed and sponsored by MDPI to organize electronic conferences, and to provide our community with the technical support for hosting their digital conferences.

Fragment–Based Lead Discovery Conference

Start date: September 22, 2024 - End date: September 25, 2024

250+ delegates from a variety of disciplines, Historically, attendance has been dominated by pharma and biotech scientists, Biophysical and biochemical screening and characterisation techniques including NMR, SPR, X-ray crystallography, MS, ITC, and MST, Structure determination X-ray crystallography, Cryo-EM and NMR, Medicinal and organic chemistry, Computational chemistry including library design, assessment of chemical diversity, structure-based drug design and virtual screening.

VI Latin American Crystallographic Association Meeting

Start date: September 23, 2024 - End date: September 26, 2024
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

The 2024 LACA meeting, hosted in Montevideo, Uruguay, is a gathering of the Latin American Crystallographic Association, a scientific community focused on structural sciences. The meeting will feature discussions on recent advancements and future directions in the field. LACA was founded in 2013 and has since held meetings in various Latin American countries.

Merck Technology Symposium 2024

Start date: September 24, 2024 - End date: September 25, 2024
Location: Oaks, PA

The 28th Annual MSD Technology Symposium (Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ, USA is known as MSD outside of the United States and Canada) is expected to draw over 1000 in-Person Scientists and an additional 1200 Virtual MSD Scientists from Candidate Discovery and Preclinical Development through Clinical Development and Real World Data Departments across the company along with over 70 select Supplier Sponsors. The meeting will be organized around several tracks illustrating the various ways that technologies are facilitating scientific decision-making at MSD. There is a mix of OPEN and CLOSED talks (a combination of cleared MSD lectures and posters from MSD scientists, and content from vendors and other external collaboration partners), as well as MSD-private lectures and posters.

2024 Workshop of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) Commission on High Pressure

Start date: September 25, 2024 - End date: September 28, 2024
Location: Lund, Sweden

2024 Workshop of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) Commission on High Pressure organized and hosted by the European Spallation Source and MAX IV Laboratory in Lund, Sweden is September 25th to 28th.

New York City Integrative Structural Biology Symposium

Start date: October 9, 2024 - End date: October 11, 2024
Location: New York, New York

The New York City Integrative Structural Biology Symposium is October 9-11, 2024. The focus of this workshop is to understand the challenges and opportunities of applying integrative structural biology techniques to one’s research. The fields of light microscopy, mass spectrometry, X-ray crystallography, NMR, cryo-EM, and computational methods will be highlighted. The topics will cover the best practices and current research toward building structural models across different resolution scales. This workshop will also offer hands-on demos to explore what instrumentation is available to be integrated to address conformational changes, flexibility, and dynamics in macromolecular and cellular structures.

Southern California Cryoem Symposium 2024

Date: October 11, 2024
Location: Los Angles, CA

To be held at USC in Los Angles. The primary aim of the symposium is to bring together experts, researchers, vendors, and industrial partners in the field of cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) from Southern California to exchange knowledge, present the latest advancements, and foster collaborative discussions.

CSHL Macromolecular Crystallography Course

Start date: October 13, 2024 - End date: October 29, 2024
Location: Cold Spring Harbor, NY

X-ray crystallography has been the cornerstone of structural biology for half a century and remains the technique of choice for atomic resolution understanding of macromolecules and for structure guided drug discovery. This intense course combines laboratory and computational instruction to train course participants in the major techniques used to determine three-dimensional structures. It is designed for scientists with a working knowledge of protein structure and function, but who are new to macromolecular crystallography or who wish to increase their in-depth knowledge of macromolecular crystallography. The advent of methods for the accurate prediction of protein structures is accelerating crystallography experiments, and the course will train researchers in how to best use these models.

The Hormel Institute, UMN’s inaugural Minnesota Bioimaging Symposium

Start date: October 14, 2024 - End date: October 15, 2024
Location: Austin, Minnesota

The Hormel Institute, UMN’s inaugural Minnesota Bioimaging Symposium is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, October 14 & 15, 2024. The symposium is targeting academics interested in bioimaging from across the Midwest and anticipate over 200 attendees. Two high-level international experts in the field  will be in attendance — Peijun Zhang from the University of Oxford and Hong Zhou from UCLA.

35th Biennial Conference of the Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand (Crystal35)

Start date: October 27, 2024 - End date: October 29, 2024
Location: Fremantle, Western Australia

Crystal 35 will have a range of high-quality national and international experts from the field in attendance. The Committee is already working to put together a first-rate program including the latest advances and developments in the field of Crystallography. Speakers have already been confirmed from Japan, Singapore and South Africa. They will be speaking on topics like: integrative macromolecular structure determination, chemical and materials crystallography, electron diffraction and computational studies.

MicroED Short Course

Start date: November 4, 2024 - End date: November 6, 2024
Location: New York, New York

NYSBC, SEMC and NCCAT will offer a 3-day short course November 4-6. Day one of the course will encompass lectures that delve into the multiple steps of the MicroED workflow. Days 2 & 3 will have practicals in sample preparation, setting up a TEM for data collection, and data processing. For those that want further instruction and a chance to collect their own data, they will host a bonus day for independent practice on November 7.

Centre for cryo electron microscopy of membrane protein (CCeMMP) symposium

Start date: November 11, 2024 - End date: November 12, 2024
Location: Melbourne, Australia

The Centre for cryo electron microscopy of membrane protein (CCeMMP) symposium will be held November 11th-12th. The two day symposium will feature cryo-EM researcher presenting their work in the area of cryoEM. More information to come.

Past Events - Meetings - Workshops - Conferences

The Final iNEXT-Discovery Consortium Meeting & 4th Symposium on Recent Advances in Cryo-EM

Start date: June 10, 2024 - End date: June 13, 2024
Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Two joint scientific conferences – The Final iNEXT-Discovery Consortium Meeting and the 4th Symposium on Recent Advances in Cryo-EM – will be hosted by CEITEC Masaryk University, Brno, on June 10-13, 2024.

The Final iNEXT-Discovery Consortium Meeting, June 10-12, 2024, will bring insights into the project outcomes, including recent developments and applications in structural biology. The program will include presentations of internal consortium members on the results of our Joint research activities, as well as open-access users and external leaders in the field.

The 4th Symposium on Recent Advances in Cryo-EM, June 12-13, 2024, will feature presentations from academic and industrial leaders who develop electron cryo-microscopy technology or apply it to describe fundamental cellular processes. The program will include talks on recent methodological developments in electron microscopy data acquisition and analysis approaches, and how cryo-EM helps to increase our understanding of protein translation or structure and function of viruses.

Neutrons in Structural Biology – Challenges & Opportunities – Workshop

Start date: June 10, 2024 - End date: June 12, 2024
Location: Arlington, VA

The ORNL Neutron Sciences Directorate is organizing a workshop, Neutrons in Structural Biology – Challenges & Opportunities, to be held June 10-12, 2024 at the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel, Arlington, VA. The goal of the workshop is to garner support for the construction of the macromolecular neutron diffraction beamline EWALD at ORNL’s Second Target Station. EWALD will be equipped with the dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) capability which will expand accessibility to challenging biological systems and help meet neutron beamtime demand.

5th Annual Data Processing Workshop at the University of Michigan

Start date: June 9, 2024 - End date: June 14, 2024
Location: Ann Arbor, MI

The 5th Annual Data Processing Workshop at the University of Michigan is scheduled for June 9-14, 2024. The workshop will host 30 participants who will come to campus from around the world to receive hands-on training in cryo-ET image analysis.

4th NYC Area CryoEM Meeting

Date: June 6, 2024
Location: New York, New York

A one-day symposium focused on presentation of unpublished work at the forefront of cryo-EM & cryo-ET research from laboratories across the tristate area.

Microscopy Society of Canada 50th Anniversary meeting

Start date: June 4, 2024 - End date: June 7, 2024
Location: Ottawa, Canada

The Microscopy Society of Canada/Société de Microscopie du Canada (MSC-SMC) is excited to host the 2024, 50th Year Anniversary Meeting in Ottawa as a hybrid event! Stay tuned for more information regarding registration, the program and abstract submission. Meanwhile, feel free to check out our tentative program and reach out to us if you any ideas for workshops or if your company would like to be included as a Sponsor for the event!

10th NovAliX Conference – Anniversary Edition

Start date: June 2, 2024 - End date: June 4, 2024
Location: Brunnen, Switzerland

10th NovAliX Conference – Anniversary Edition – Biophysics in Drug Discovery 2024 Reinventing Drug Discovery, from Retrospective to Perspectives. The aim is to address the major developments of the last thirty years that affected the discovery sector, not only at the scientific level, but also in terms of industrial organisation of the discovery part and its financing, of the academia-industry relationships, and more.

15th Canadian Chemical Crystallography Workshop (CCCW24)

Start date: May 28, 2024 - End date: June 1, 2024
Location: Winnipeg, Canada

The 15th Canadian Chemical Crystallography Workshop will be taking place at the University of Winnipeg preceding CSC2024. This workshop is targeted towards chemistry graduate students and postdocs who would benefit from an improved understanding of the basic theory and practice of structure determination using single-crystal X-ray diffraction methods. The goal of the workshop is to develop skills in the critical assessment of single-crystal X-ray structures.

Instruct-ERIC Biennial Structural Biology Conference

Start date: May 23, 2024 - End date: May 24, 2024
Location: Cascais, Portugal

The Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Conference (IBSBC) showcases the latest in integrative structural biology from leading scientists across the world. The theme for the conference is “New Directions for Structural Biology”.

The 6th Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Conference will be held in Cascais, Portugal, 23-24 May.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Biomolecular Galaxy Symposium

Start date: May 23, 2024 - End date: May 24, 2024
Location: West Lafayette, Indiana

The 2024 symposium is scheduled for May 23-24 at the Purdue University – West Lafayette campus. The symposium will include a keynote address given by Dr. Jin Zhang from the University of California San Diego. There will be a reception and poster session where graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, undergraduates, faculty, visitors, and sponsors can share their work, as well as seminar-style lectures and workshops on topics related to career development and technological developments.

National Crystallization Center Virtual Crystallization Workshop Virtual Edition

Date: May 23, 2024
Location: Virtual, Online

The Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute is running a crystallization workshop focused on the practical aspects of setting up optimization trays for diffraction-based experiments. The workshop will include tutorials on designing grid screens using multiple crystallization formats and crystal harvesting. Participants will be encouraged to set up experiments to optimize crystals of their own proteins of interest using cutting-edge crystallization equipment and crystal imagers equipped with SONICC.

This is the virtual component of the workshop.

2024 Annual Meeting of the BSC

Start date: May 21, 2024 - End date: May 24, 2024
Location: Montréal, Canada

Biophysical techniques and discoveries have revolutionized research and technological developments, allowing for the advancement of materials research, biotechnologies, biosensing, medicine, and pharmaceutical research. The annual meetings of the Biophysical Society of Canada provide a unique opportunity for students and researchers in academia and industry to learn about the most recent advances in Biophysics through invited lectures and student talks/posters, as well as exhibits by companies.

2nd CryoNET course on advanced single particle cryo-EM analysis

Start date: May 20, 2024 - End date: May 24, 2024
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

The 2nd CryoNET course on advanced single particle cryo-EM analysis that will take place in Stockholm on 20-24 May 2024. Aim of the course is to provide training in cryo-EM image processing including latest developments of the field.

15th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC’24)

Start date: May 19, 2024 - End date: May 24, 2024
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

The 15th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC’24) will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, USA from 19 to 24 May 2024 at the Music City Center.At IPAC’24, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with Accelerator Scientists, Engineers, Students and Vendors while experiencing the charm and culturally diverse and friendly environment hospitality of the Music City.

NSLS-II & CFN Users’ Meeting

Start date: May 13, 2024 - End date: May 17, 2024
Location: Upton, NY

All are invited to the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-ll) and Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN) Users’ Meeting from May 13–17, 2024. This year’s meeting will be held as a hybrid event. The sessions will offer scientists from diverse disciplines an opportunity to share their work in synchrotron radiation, nanoscale, materials, and biological sciences.

APS/CNM Users Meetings

Start date: May 6, 2024 - End date: May 10, 2024
Location: Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, IL

The annual joint users meeting of the Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) and the co-located Advanced Photon Source (APS) will be held at Argonne National Laboratory. The events will highlight and promote user science.

Mid-Atlantic Frontiers in Chemistry and Biology Interface Symposium (FCBIS)

Date: May 4, 2024
Location: Baltimore, MD

This yearly symposium is attended by a few hundred scientists and their students from Academic, Government, and Industry Labs who practice at the cutting edge of structural biology. It is a day-long meeting featuring a keynote talk from Dr. Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus, Ashburn, VA) and contributed talks, chiefly by early career stage principal investigators as well as poster sessions.

LBMS cryo-EM Training Workshop Series (2024-1)

Start date: April 10, 2024 - End date: April 12, 2024
Location: Upton, NY

The workshop will focus on single-particle analysis of macromolecules, covering various aspects such as sample preparation (including both negative staining and cryo-sample preparation), sample screening using screening electron microscopes (EMs), data collection employing high-end EMs (e.g., Krios), and data analysis using LBMS GPU computers with modern software (e.g., CryoSPARC). To optimize interactions and hands-on experience, this workshop will be limited to 16 participants, selected based on their application materials.

6th edition of Hot Topics in Contemporary Crystallography workshop

Start date: April 7, 2024 - End date: April 12, 2024
Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Since 2014, HTCC workshops have tackled the most fascinating achievements in both experimental methods and theoretical approaches, that have recently brought structural research to the forefront of natural sciences. They try to bring together leading experts in selected domains as lecturers, and motivated scientists in crystallography or related fields as “students”, who may come from both academia and industry, and who are interested in acquiring new knowledge on cutting-edge methods in structural science and exploring ways to apply them in their ongoing research. Since HTCC4 held in 2019, HTCCs are dedicated exclusively to macromolecular crystallography and are taking place in Dubrovnik, one of the most shiny gems of the entire Mediterranean.

CSB Symposium 2024

Date: March 28, 2024
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Sign up for the CSB Symposium 2024 for a day of exciting research, collaboration and networking on Thursday, March 28, 2024 on the Vanderbilt campus. A highlight of the program will be the inclusion of talks from preeminent scientists engaged in cutting-edge research.

The lineup of speakers include Nozomi Ando, Cornell University; James Fraser, UC San Francisco; Jeanne Hardy, UMass Amherst; and Andrej Sali, UC San Francisco.

The symposium will also feature talks from CSB junior faculty and a poster session.

BCA Spring Meeting 2024

Start date: March 25, 2024 - End date: March 28, 2024
Location: Leicester, England

The theme of the next BCA Spring Meeting is “Breaking Barriers”. This is an obvious reference to the exciting developments in the field, with amazing new technologies and computational techniques allowing researchers to investigate areas previously inaccessible. But it also refers to the need to make the subject more inclusive by removing those constraints which limit access to the techniques and results of our research.

Annual meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Start date: March 23, 2024 - End date: March 26, 2024
Location: San Antonio, Texas

With a mission to share the latest, most impactful research findings in the molecular life sciences, #DiscoverBMB offers an exciting agenda that includes talks by the field’s foremost experts, interactive workshops on the latest trends, technologies and techniques, and an invigorating exhibition of posters, services and products.

The meeting attracts researchers in academia and industry, educators, trainees and students from across the globe. It offers unparalleled opportunities for collaborating, networking and recruiting.

32nd Annual Meeting of the German Crystallographic Society (DGK)

Start date: March 18, 2024 - End date: March 21, 2024
Location: Bayreuth, Germany

More information coming soon!

ACS SPRING 2024 Many Flavors of Chemistry

Start date: March 17, 2024 - End date: March 21, 2024
Location: New Orleans, LA

Where thousands of chemistry professionals meet to share ideas and advance scientific and technical knowledge.

Sharing your passion for chemistry, connecting with one of the world’s largest scientific societies, and advancing your career in this ever-changing global economy.

5th International Conference on Image Analysis in Three-dimensional Cryo-EM

Start date: March 13, 2024 - End date: March 16, 2024
Location: Lake Tahoe, California

th International Conference on Image Analysis in Three-dimensional Cryo-EM. This significant event is scheduled to take place at Lake Tahoe, California, from March 13-16, 2024. Building on the success of our previous conferences since 2014, which your organization graciously supported and actively participated in, the 2024 Symposium aims to continue the exploration of cutting-edge image analysis approaches in addressing complex biological challenges. The conference will delve into the current state of the art, identify existing limitations, and discuss unresolved issues in the practice of CryoEM, with a particular focus on algorithms and software matters. The Symposium’s tightly focused agenda will encompass diverse topics, such as AI deep learning-based algorithms, data validation, conformational variability, in-situ segmentation, and other emerging subjects in the field of CryoEM. With a history of attracting around 150 participants, a substantial portion of whom are influential methods developers, the event has proven to be a hub for in-depth discussions on algorithmic and methodological advancements.

Cryo-Electron Microscopy Course At CSHL

Start date: March 13, 2024 - End date: March 27, 2024
Location: Cold Spring Harbor, NY

The course will cover the theory, practice, and application of single particle cryo-EM. Participants in the course will learn to perform all steps involved in solving high resolution cryo-EM structures, including sample prep, microscope alignment, data collection, image processing, and model building. Students will have supervised access to CSHL’s Titan Krios and K3 direct electron detector, as well as the Talos L120C. This hands-on course will include lectures by leading experts who will discuss practical and conceptual approaches to structure determination using these techniques, as well as covering a wide range of state-of-the-art applications of cryo-EM in the biological sciences.

Applications are open to individuals at universities and colleges, medical research institutions and industry, both from within the United States and from overseas, and to individuals at any stage in their postgraduate (PI, postdoc, grad student, etc.) career. Applicants must demonstrate that they are committed to applying cryo-electron microscopy directly to their own research, and that they work in an environment where such application is feasible and realistic.

4th Annual Women in Microscopy conference

Date: March 8, 2024
Location: Virtual

The 4th annual Women in Microscopy conference hosted by the NUANCE Center and Microscopy Society of America Student Council is March 8th.

The conference creates space for important conversations on career challenges, diversity, and work-life balance alongside research presentations on materials science, biology, and environmental sciences.

2024 BioXFEL Spring Symposium

Start date: March 6, 2024 - End date: March 7, 2024
Location: Tempe, Arizona

The 2024 BioXFEL Spring Symposium will be at Arizona State University from March 6 – 7, 2024. The symposium will consist of scientist and student presentations, a poster session, and networking/recruitment opportunities.

American Physical Society’s March Meeting 2024

Start date: March 3, 2024 - End date: March 8, 2024
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

The American Physical Society’s March Meeting 2024 is a scientific research conference convening 13,000 physicists and students from around the world to connect and collaborate across academia, industry, and major labs.

Biophysical Society Annual Meeting

Start date: February 10, 2024 - End date: February 14, 2024
Location: Philadelphia, PA

As science becomes increasingly interdisciplinary, the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting continues its long-held reputation for bringing together leading scientists from the all over the world who work at the interface of the life, physical, and computational sciences.

The dynamic five-day meeting provides attendees with opportunities to share their latest unpublished findings and learn the newest emerging techniques and applications.

Despite its nearly 5,000 attendees, the Meeting is noted for maintaining its “small meeting” feel beginning with the Saturday Subgroup symposia, which allow attendees to meet within their scientific communities. It is also known for its vitality, demonstrated by the over 600 highly interactive daily poster presentations, the more than 500 speakers selected from submitted abstracts, the many career development programs for those working in academia, industry, and agencies throughout the world, and its advocacy and education programs.


Start date: February 4, 2024 - End date: February 8, 2024
Location: Mountjoy Parade, Lorne, Victoria

The 2024 Lorne Proteins Satellite Meeting will highlight cutting edge research in the field of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like (UBL) proteins.Ubiquitin and UBLs are post-translational modifications that play a crucial role in the regulation of protein stability, localisation, interactions, and activity and therefore control nearly all processes within the eukaryotic cell. These central signalling functions make the ubiquitin and UBL systems fundamental targets for drug development. Moreover, the ubiquitin system is essential for the mechanism of action of an innovative small molecule drug modality termed proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTACs). PROTACs recruit the ubiquitin machinery to a disease-causing protein to induce its ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation, therefore enabling targeting of proteins previously considered undruggable.

The meeting will bring together leading experts in the ubiquitin field, spanning from structure and mechanisms of the enzymes catalysing ubiquitination and de-ubiquitination, the regulation of cellular signalling by ubiquitin or UBLs, as well as novel approaches in targeting or utilising the ubiquitin system for the treatment of human diseases.

Industrial crystallisation: A ‘how-to’ guide for synthetic chemists

Date: February 1, 2024
Location: Macclesfield, United Kingdom

A one-day workshop to provide training for chemists who have little or no experience in designing crystallisation processes and lack the theoretical background. The event will include a lecture introducing the fundamental principles of industrial crystallisation. This will be followed by a workshop facilitated by industry-leading crystallisation chemists and case studies presented by experts in the field. Quick-fire presentations will also be given by selected companies, to give top-tips on how to get the most out of their crystallisation equipment.

Cryo-EM in academia and industry

Start date: January 29, 2024 - End date: January 31, 2024
Location: EMBL Heidelberg and Virtual

The second edition of this workshop aims to bring the academic and industrial cryo-EM communities together to evaluate how the use of cryo-EM has developed 10 years on from the “cryo-EM resolution revolution” and build upon the successful first edition held at EMBL in 2019.
Showcasing high-quality research in academia and industry relevant and exemplary for both cryo-EM communities, the meeting will provide updates on recent and ongoing methodological developments. A particular focus will be on the integration of cryo-ET and cryo-EM with complementary imaging techniques, e.g. imaging across scales as well as other ‘omics’ technologies such as proteomics, genomics, and metabolomics. The integration of cryo-EM in the drug-discovery workflow will also be examined.

Sea Coast 2024

Start date: January 29, 2024 - End date: February 7, 2024
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

SEA COAST 2024 will cover the fundamental concepts of macromolecular X-ray crystallography and all aspects of protein structure solution process from crystallization to structure refinement and deposition to PDB, as well as lectures on Cryo EM and Neutron diffraction. It will feature most of the modern crystallographic software programs presented by software developers.

New England Structural Biology Association (NESBA) presents a symposium focusing on Bio-SAXS

Date: January 24, 2024
Location: Somerville, MA, USA

Register for the Bio-SAXS symposia to discuss the latest advancements in Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) techniques for studying biological macromolecules. This in-person event will be held at Boynton Yards, South Street, Somerville, MA, USA.

Serial Crystallography Workshop

Start date: January 23, 2024 - End date: January 24, 2024
Location: Diamond Light Source, Didcot, United Kingdom

The workshop is geared towards anyone who has an interest in Serial Crystallography and would like to develop their skills in this area. 

The two-days workshop will cover the basics of Serial Crystallography including amongst other topics: sample preparation (focus on batch crystallisation) and characterisation, sample delivery methods, data collection and data processing. As part of the event information the organizers will also provide information and examples of time-resolved experiments that can be performed at Diamond Light Source.  

PepTalk The Protein Science and Production Week

Start date: January 16, 2024 - End date: January 19, 2024
Location: San Diego, CA

PepTalk provides a comprehensive program and innovative solutions for optimizing biotherapeutics. Conference tracks cover a range of topics including antibody engineering, bispecific antibody development, characterization of biologics, viral vector engineering, and protein expression platforms. Learn from expert speakers, engage with a devoted community, and gain valuable tools to advance your research.

XXXI GE3C Symposium

Start date: January 16, 2024 - End date: January 19, 2024
Location: Tarragona, Spain

As in previous meetings, in this symposium experts and newcomers from a wide variety of branches of science will present and discuss the most recent advances and discoveries in the fields of Crystallography and Crystal Growth.

MAX IV User Meeting

Start date: January 15, 2024 - End date: January 17, 2024
Location: Lund, Sweden

MAX IV welcomes all users, collaborators, and industry to its 2024 user meeting.
With 16 beamlines in operation, they turn to the science enabled by their light source and its impact.

Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference 2023

Start date: October 15, 2023 - End date: October 17, 2023
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

The Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference 2023 Features:

  • Cutting-Edge Scientific Sessions covering High-pressure Applications, Structure-based drug design and many more!
  • A Young Investigator Platform showcasing students and postdocs
  • Student posters are eligible for the Chung  Soo Yoo Award, which carries a $400 cash  prize, related to materials and biological research, respectively
  • Fun social activities and Vendor Shows!
  • A Phenix Workshop prior to the conference (Oct 14, 2023, limited availability!)

New York City Integrative Structural Biology Symposium 2023

Date: October 13, 2023
Location: New York City, New York

Integrative structural biology is a powerful approach to understand biological macromolecular systems. By combining computational methods with structural science disciplines, spatial and temporal models of macromolecular targets in their in-situ context can be determined. The focus of this symposium is to introduce integrative structural biology to the structural sciences community. The fields of light microscopy, mass spectrometry, X-ray crystallography, NMR, cryo-EM, and computational methods will be highlighted. The topics will cover the best practices and current research toward building structural models across different resolution scales. This symposium will also explore how experimental and computational methods can be integrated to address conformational changes, flexibility, and dynamics in macromolecular structures.