Sponsorship Request Form

Each year, we at MiTeGen sponsor numerous workshops, events, meetings and conferences involving Cryo-EM, Crystallography, Structural Biology, Material Sciences and related topics. This sponsorship can range from:

  • Supplying “swag” such as bags, lanyards, flyers and more
  • Sponsoring posters
  • Traditional monetary support
  • Supplying products

In addition, we can provide your workshop, event, meeting or conference exposure to our worldwide audience of more than 10,000 dedicated researchers, scientists and labs. Members of this audience work in the above mentioned fields of Structural Biology, Crystallography, Cryo-EM, Materials Sciences and beyond.

This exposure includes:

Note, while we are not able to sponsor every workshop, event, meeting or conference, we do encourage you to submit your workshop, event, meeting or conference so that we may begin the discussion. We've sponsored everything from small 1 day workshops to large multi-day conferences.

Use the form below to submit your information. We will respond within a few days concerning your request.