Innovative, world-class tools for crystallization, crystallography, cryocooling, and cryoem that enable the best science and maximize your productivity.

  • New Products

    New Products

    Get better results and simplify workflows using the tools and technologies for Crystallography & Cryo-EM.

  • NANUQ Hyperquenching Cryocooler

    NANUQ Hyperquenching Cryocooler

    Eliminate ice and minimize cryoprotectants, crystal non-isomorphism, and cooling induced conformation changes using the world's most advanced cryogenic sample cooling device.

  • Cryo-EM


    Tools and accessories for cryo-EM sample handling, cryocooling, and cryostorage.

  • Lab Equipment

    Lab Equipment

    Incubators, stereo microscopes, dry shippers, refrigerators and other essential laboratory apparatus for crystallography and cryo EM.

  • Starter Kits

    Starter Kits

    Convenient kits for your lab. Ideal for training new users.

  • Crystallization Plates & Accessories

    Crystallization Plates & Accessories

    The best plates to help you grow and identify - using optics, UV, or X-rays - great crystals. We have one of the widest selections, including the most advanced plates and accessories. Need help choosing? Contact us, and get a free crystallography poster! Free Crystallography Posters

  • Crystal Harvesting

    Crystal Harvesting

    MiTeGen’s patented line of crystal harvesting mounts and loops for superior sample handling.

  • Goniometer Bases (Caps)

    Goniometer Bases (Caps)

    The widest selection of bases to fit the needs of every light source

  • Room Temp Screening

    Room Temp Screening

    The easiest-to-use system for room temperature diffraction screening and data collection.

  • Cryocrystallography


    Everything you need for cryo-cooling, cryo-storage, and cryo-transport of your samples.

  • Sample Storage Pucks & Cassettes

    Sample Storage Pucks & Cassettes

    Pucks and tools for high-throughput and mail-in data collection at nearly every synchrotron around the world. Uni-pucks, SPINE Baskets, ALS Pucks, SSRL Cassettes, & More. Not sure which system your data collection beamline uses? See our Beamline Guide under the Learn section.

  • Crystallization Screening & Optimization

    Crystallization Screening & Optimization

    Get more hits and better crystals using these leading crystal screen kits and reagents.

  • Phasing


    Phasing compounds from Jena Bioscience and Nat X-Ray.

  • Membrane Protein Crystallization

    Membrane Protein Crystallization

    Plates, screens, and tools for efficient membrane protein crystallization.

  • Small Molecule Crystallography

    Small Molecule Crystallography

    Tools for mounting and handling of samples in chemistry, pharmacology, materials science, solid state physics, and geology.

  • Beamline & Home Source Tools

    Beamline & Home Source Tools

    Calibrate X-ray beam properties, and monitor beam stability and radiation dosing.

  • SAXS


    Small-angle X-ray Scattering

  • Accessories


    Accessories for a more efficient lab.