Innovative, world-class tools for crystallization, crystallography, cryocooling, and cryoem that enable the best science and maximize your productivity.

  • Accessories


    Accessories for a more efficient lab.

  • Beamline & Home Source Tools

    Beamline & Home Source Tools

    The tools you need to improve data collection methods at X-ray beamlines and home sources.

  • Cryo-EM


    Grids, Storage Pucks, Tools and accessories used in Cryoelectron Microscopy (cryo-EM) for sample handling, cryocooling, and cryostorage.

  • Cryocrystallography


    Everything you need for cryo-cooling, cryo-storage, and cryo-transport of your samples.

  • Crystal Harvesting

    Crystal Harvesting

    Simplify looping crystals from drops and obtain better diffraction data.

  • Crystallization Plates & Accessories

    Crystallization Plates & Accessories

    The best plates to help you grow and identify - using optics, UV, or X-rays - great crystals. We have one of the widest selections, including the most advanced plates and accessories. Need help choosing? Contact Us Interested in Free Crystallography Lab Posters?

  • Crystallization Screening & Optimization

    Crystallization Screening & Optimization

    Get more hits and better crystals using these leading crystal screen kits and reagents.

  • Crystallography Pucks & Cassettes

    Crystallography Pucks & Cassettes

    Uni-pucks, SPINE Baskets, ALS Pucks, SSRL Cassettes, ACTOR Magazines & More. Pucks and tools for high-throughput and mail-in data collection at nearly every synchrotron around the world.

  • Goniometer Bases (Caps)

    Goniometer Bases (Caps)

    The widest selection of bases to fit the needs of every light source

  • Lab Equipment & Instruments

    Lab Equipment & Instruments

    Obtaining superior results in your research begins with having the best equipment for your lab. MiTeGen provides the high-quality incubators, stereo microscopes, cryogenic dewars, cryogenic dry shippers and storage refrigerators, plunge coolers, and other essential laboratory instruments for crystallography and cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM).   Setting Up a New Lab? Learn about our New Lab Program Here  

  • Membrane Protein Crystallization

    Membrane Protein Crystallization

    Plates, screens, and tools for the unique challenges for efficient membrane protein crystallization.

  • MiTeGen Special Offers

    MiTeGen Special Offers

    Welcome to our special offers page! Here you will find our current special offers, deals, and promotions. These offers typically last for 30 days, after which they will be replaced with a new special offer. A chance to get incredible tools your lab at great pricing. You can sign up (here) to be alerted via email for these special offers. Lock sale price in for 30 days when you request a quote

  • New Products

    New Products

    We want sample preparation and data collection to be as simple as possible, while enabling you to get better results. Our developments focus on simplifying the workflows, tools, and methods used in Crystallography & Cryo-EM. These are some of our latest innovations.

  • Phasing


    The Phasing Section contains carefully selected heavy-atom kits that are suitable for single/multiple isomorphous replacement (SIR and MIR) experiments and anomalous dispersion (SAD and MAD) experiments. Furthermore, there are many nucleotide analogs – designed to introduce heavy atoms in ATP/GTP-binding enzymes.

  • Room Temp Screening

    Room Temp Screening

    The easiest-to-use system for room temperature diffraction screening and data collection.

  • SAXS


    Small-angle X-ray Scattering

  • Small Molecule Crystallography

    Small Molecule Crystallography

    Tools for mounting and handling of samples in chemistry, pharmacology, materials science, solid state physics, and geology.

  • Starter Kits

    Starter Kits

    Convenient kits for your lab. Ideal for training new users.