Beamline & Home Source Tools

The tools you need to improve data collection methods at X-ray beamlines and home sources.

  • Cryo Shutters

    Cryo Shutters

    Shutters to easily block the cryostream to quickly switch from cryogenic to ambient temperature for crystal annealing or room temperature screening.

  • Goniometer Heads & Accessories

    Goniometer Heads & Accessories

    A selection of tools to help improve sample positioning and data collection

  • Sentinel™ Beamstops

    Sentinel™ Beamstops

    Dynamic X-ray beamstops that allow you to monitor beam intensity and make measurements in real-time. Developed in collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

  • VersaPins™


    ALL-IN-ONE tool for beamline or home source set-up and calibration.

  • Beamline Sample Preparation

    Beamline Sample Preparation

    Convenient kits of compatible assemblies of MiTeGen recommended products