Fragment Based Drug Design

Are you using fragment based drug design in your research? Need tools to support your research? At MiTeGen, we offer a selection of tools to enable your FBDD research. View our offerings below.

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  • Crystallography Sample Supports

    Crystallography Sample Supports will be a next-generation crystal mounting system that changes how crystals...
  • JBS:Frag Xtal Screen

    A major challenge in drug discovery is the identification of chemical moieties that specifically interact with...
  • Unitray System

    Unitray with Uniwand and puck
    Save time for more research Maximize loop lifespan Get your loops organized Cleaning and storing crystal...
  • Reusable B5 (SPINE Style) Goniometer Bases

    Quickly assemble MiTeGen Mounts, Loops, and Meshes into bases for crystal harvesting, without using glue or...
  • Dual Thickness MicroLoops LD

    Crystal harvesting is easier with the long narrow necks of MicroLoops LD™. Designed to minimize drop...

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Learn About FBDD Labs and Facilities Using MiTeGen Tools

Our MiTeGen tools have been used at numerous facilities doing FBDD research. A few of these labs include:

  • XChem Lab at Diamond Light Source
  • FragMAX the fragment-screening platform at the MAX IV Laboratory
  • Macromolecular Crystallography at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin