Lab Equipment & Instruments

Incubators, stereo microscopes, dewars, cryogenic dry shippers, storage refrigerators, plunge coolers, and other laboratory equipment.

  • Cryogenic Equipment

    Cryogenic Equipment

    Our selection of cryogenic Dewars, Dry Shippers, Refrigerators, Freezers and other equipment provides you with the reliability required to consistently work at extremely low liquid nitrogen temperatures without fear of sample loss or warming.

  • Incubators


    Find the right incubator for your lab and research. We offer a range of incubators including vibration-free and low-vibration crystallization incubators. We offer a broad selection of sizes, from desktop incubators to large-volume floor-standing incubators. Incubators provide the needed environment for the safe storage and incubation of your samples in a controlled temperature environment.

  • Stereo Microscopes

    Stereo Microscopes

    We've teamed up with Zeiss to offer you the selection of stereo microscopes you need for protein crystallography. Our microscopes provide the higher magnifications you need for the easy detection of small micro-crystals.

  • Laboratory Hot Plates

    Laboratory Hot Plates

    Hot plates for all your laboratory needs. Whether you need to heat solids or liquids we have the hot plate for your research.

  • Stirrers


    Laboratory stirrers for mixing liquids as well as soluble solids and powders. Stirrers available in a range of sizes as well as different stirrer surface materials such as aluminum and ceramic. Includes combination hot plate/stirrers as well as traditional standalone stirrers.

  • Plunge Coolers

    Plunge Coolers

    You know how critical plunge cooling is when it comes to your samples. We offer two solutions to help you. First is NANUQ a cryocooling device that cools samples up to 10x faster than hand-plunging techniques. And second, the EMS-200 Rapid Immersion Freezer which is an economical and easy-to-use cryo workstation for preparing samples for electron microscopy.

  • Other


    We offer a range of other laboratory equipment for application-specific sample preparation including a humidity controlled protein crystal harvesting, a glow discharge system for grid preparation in Cryo-EM, and a capillary filling system for powder X-ray diffraction.