Manual Plunge Cooler and Precision Ethane Cryostat

The Manual Plunge Cooler and Precision Cryostat are designed to make your cryo-EM sample vitrification workflow efficient and successful. The system consists of three components which are available individually or as one complete system.

These components are:

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Product Information

Learn more about each component of the Manual Plunge Cooler and Precision Cryostat system.

Manual Plunge Cooler - A bench top device that allows you to plunge freeze your grids for cryo-EM and other applications.

Ethane Cryostat - A temperature controlled dewar for freezing grids

Ethane Cryostat Temperature Controller - Controls the temperature of the ethane within the cryostat

Manual Plunge Cooler Accessories Pack - Has additional tools and replacement parts for the manual plunge cooler.

We can customize the plunge cooler, ethane cryostat and temperature control unit to meet you specific research needs. We can also combine it with other MiTeGen instruments such as the environment controlled humid box. Click here to learn more