Manual Plunge Cooler and Precision Ethane Cryostat

The Manual Plunge Cooler and Precision Cryostat are designed to make your cryo-EM sample vitrification workflow efficient and successful. The system consists of three components which are available individually or as one complete system.

These components are:

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Product Information

Learn more about each component of the Manual Plunge Cooler and Precision Cryostat system.

Manual Plunge Cooler - A bench top device that allows you to plunge freeze your grids for cryo-EM and other applications.

Ethane Cryostat - A temperature controlled dewar for freezing grids

Ethane Cryostat Temperature Controller - Controls the temperature of the ethane within the cryostat

Manual Plunge Cooler Accessories Pack - Has additional tools and replacement parts for the manual plunge cooler.