Manual Plunge Cooler

MiTeGen Cryo-EM Plunge Cooler offers simple, fast, and reproducible vitrification of samples for cryogenic transmission electron microscopy (Cryo-TEM)

Tested design:

Developed in collaboration with Dr. Christopher Russo, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, users can confidently prepare grids using a time-tested design that is optimized for results and easy use.

Easy to use features:

  • High-speed gravity plunge
  • Foot-pedal plunge release
  • Easy-access humidity enclosure
  • Feed-through ports for sample application
  • Manual adjustable blotting
  • Rugged design for repeated use

The plunge cooler comes with one Grid Tweezers SKU: M-CEM-72882-D. The Ethane Cryostat Temperature Controller is sold separately.

Designed to be used with the Cryostat and Cryostat Temperature Controller (each sold separately). Can be used with the Nanosoft or Vitrobot Dewar. Accessories pack for manual plunge cooler is also available.

Great for preparing grids for single particle analysis (SPA), cryogenic electron tomography (Cryo-ET), micro-crystal electron diffraction (MicroED), and more!

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Product Information

Sample application & blotting:

A quick-access hole for easy pipetting onto the grids and the position-able precision blotting arm allow for fast application and user-controlled blotting, while generating reproducible results.

Cryo-EM Plunge Cooler Pipetting Grids

Cryo-EM Plunge Cooler Controlled Blotting

Generate high-quality grids by preventing evaporation and sample dehydration. Simply saturate the porous moisture-retention foam and quickly have a humidified chamber for grid preparation. A trap door prevents drying out before plunging.


Designed for versatility, the plunger can be used with the MiTeGen MRC Cryostat, NanoSoftTM Foam Dewars or other standard vitrification Dewars.

Cryo-EM Plunge Cooler Foam Dewar


The humidity enclosure can be customized or removed, enabling a wide range of sample preparation techniques and experiments.

Cryo-EM Plunge Cooler Adpatability

We can customize the plunge cooler, ethane cryostat and temperature control unit to meet you specific research needs. We can also combine it with other MiTeGen instruments such as the environment controlled humid box. Click here to learn more