Manual Plunge Cooler

MiTeGen Cryo-EM Plunge Cooler offers simple, fast, and reproducible vitrification of samples for cryogenic transmission electron microscopy (Cryo-TEM)

Tested design:

Developed in collaboration with Dr. Christopher Russo, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, users can confidently prepare grids using a time-tested design that is optimized for results and easy use.

Easy to use features:

  • High-speed gravity plunge
  • Foot-pedal plunge release
  • Easy-access humidity enclosure
  • Feed-through ports for sample application
  • Manual adjustable blotting
  • Rugged design for repeated use

Great for preparing grids for single particle analysis (SPA), cryogenic electron tomography (Cryo-ET), micro-crystal electron diffraction (MicroED), and more!

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Product Information

Sample application & blotting:

A quick-access hole for easy pipetting onto the grids and the position-able precision blotting arm allow for fast application and user-controlled blotting, while generating reproducible results.

Cryo-EM Plunge Cooler Pipetting Grids

Cryo-EM Plunge Cooler Controlled Blotting

Generate high-quality grids by preventing evaporation and sample dehydration. Simply saturate the porous moisture-retention foam and quickly have a humidified chamber for grid preparation. A trap door prevents drying out before plunging.


Designed for versatility, the plunger can be used with the MiTeGen MRC Cryostat, NanoSoftTM Foam Dewars or other standard vitrification Dewars.

Cryo-EM Plunge Cooler Foam Dewar


The humidity enclosure can be customized or removed, enabling a wide range of sample preparation techniques and experiments.

Cryo-EM Plunge Cooler Adpatability