Cryo-EM Basic Lab Tool Kit

Cryo-EM Lab Basic Tool Kit – A cryo-EM sample preparation tool kit designed for a research lab that wants to begin preparing their own grid samples, but plan to utilize access to facilities already doing basic cryo-EM with standard equipment (glow discharge system, etc.).

The MiTeGen Cryo-EM Lab Basic Tool Kit is designed to complement the Thermo Fisher Scientific™ Vitrobot as well as Thermo Fisher Scientific™ Cryo-EM microscopes such as the Krios G4, Glacios and Tundra. The kit provides many of the components that are needed for cryo-EM sample preparation as well as sample storage and transport.

Learn About the Components of the Cryo-EM Lab Basic Tool Kit


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Product Information

Listed below are the components of the Cryo-EM Basic Lab Tool Kit

  • Quantifoil™ R 1.2/1.3 Copper 300 Mesh - Quantity 1 Pack of 100 - SKU M-CEM-Q3100CR1.3
  • Grids for Negative Stain, Formvar Film on Copper Grid, 300 Mesh - Quantity 1 Pack of 50 - SKU M-CEM-FF300-Cu
  • Grid-Stick Kit - Quantity 1 - SKU M-CEM-71175
  • Grid Tweezers, Dumont Tweezers Style 5 - Quantity 1 - SKU M-CEM-72700-D
  • Blunt Tweezers, 12 in, Stainless Steel - Quantity 1 - SKU M-CEMTW-12LB
  • Cryo Grid Box Round With Lid - Quantity 20 - SKU M-CEM-71166-10
  • Cryo Grid Box, w/Pin Type Lid for FEI Vitrobot - Quantity 20 - SKU M-CEM-71166-40
  • Grid Box Tweezers - Quantity 1 - SKU TW-EMTEC-553
  • Cryo-EM Grid Storage Puck System (Basic) - Quantity 1 - SKU M-CEMG2-BLSK1
  • IC Biomedical CX100 Dryshipper and Hard Shipping Case - Quantity 1 - SKU TW-CXS-2

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