Cryo-EM Advanced Grid Storage and Shipping Puck System

The Advanced Cryo-EM Grid Storage and Shipping System (kit) includes all of the items in the basic kit, but has additional accessories to improve ease of use and tracking. The system will enable you to organize, store, track, and ship your samples on grids for single particle analysis and other Cryogenic Electron Microscopy (CryoEM) applications with ease and efficiency.

The system consists of 10 Pucks, 1 Storage Cane, 1 Shipping Cane, 1 Puck Grasping Tongs, 1 Angled Puck Tongs, 1 Puck Dewar and Insert, 1 Cryo-EM Grid Box Tweezers, 1 Screwdriver For Lid Lock, Puck Tracking Log Sheets, Free Puck Barcoding and Serialization and Free Puck Color Selection.

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Product Information

Components of the Cryo-EM Basic Grid Storage and Shipping System are:

2nd Generation Cryo-EM Pucks - Quantity 10 - SKU M-CEMG2-10

The MiTeGen 2nd generation cryo-EM puck allows you to organize, track, and ship your samples on grids for single particle analysis and other cryogenic electron microscopy (cryoEM) applications.Cryo Em Pucks

CryoEM G2 Storage Cane for TW34, HC34, TW35-6, VHC35 - Quantity 1 - SKU M-CEMSTC-2 

Shelved storage cane for MiTeGen 2nd generation cryo-EM pucks. Holds up to 10 pucks. Compatible with the IC Biomedical (Worthington) TW34, HC34, TW35-6, and VHC35 storage dewars.Shelved Storage Cane Mitegen Cryo-EM Pucks HC34 or VHC35

CryoEM G2 Shipping Cane - CX100 - Quantity 1 - SKU M-CEMTPC-1

Shelved transport cane for shipping MiTeGen 2nd generation cryo-EM pucks in an IC Biomedical (Worthington) CX100 dry shipper. Cane holds 8 pucks. Shelved Transport Cane Shipping Cryo-EM Pucks CX100 Dry Shipper

Cryo-EM Puck Grasping Tongs - Quantity 1 - SKU M-CEMG2-PGT1

Cryo-EM puck grasping tongs. Allows you to easily handle cryo-EM pucks, especially useful when working with liquid nitrogen MiTeGen Cryo-EM Puck Grasping Tongs

Free Puck Barcoding and Serialization - Quantity 10 - SKU M-CEMG2-Barcoding

Barcode options for cryo-EM pucks. Adding a barcode to your MiTeGen CryoEM pucks with allow for easy tracking. Barcodes can be customized to your needs. Each puck receives its own barcode.Cryo-em Puck Barcode Option

Bent Cryo Tongs For Puck Manipulation - Quantity 1 - SKU M-CP-111-030

Bent cryo tongs for puck manipulation.bent cryo tong

Cryo-EM Puck Dewar and Insert - Quantity 1 - SKU M-CEM-PD-IS1

Foam dewar with cryo-EM puck holding insert for easy grid transfer. Easily transfer cryo grid boxes to or from pucks while immersed in LN2. Securely hold cryo-EM puck in place. Easily locate indexed positions of the cryo grid boxes.Dewar Cryo EM puck Grids Loading

Cryo-EM Grid Box Tweezers - Quantity 1 - SKU TW-EMTEC-553

Simplify cryo grid box handling with these easy-to-use tweezers. Specially designed to grip the box’s central screw, rather than its sides.

Screw Driver for Puck Lid Lock - Quantity 1 - SKU M-CEMG2-LLSD

Screw driver for manipulating puck lid lock.Screw Driver For Puck Lid Lock

Cryo-EM Puck and Storage Cane Log Sheets - Quantity 1 - SKU M-CEMG2-LogSheets

Cryo-EM puck and storage cane log sheet. Useful for recording identification information.MiTeGen Cryo-EM Puck Storage Cane Log Sheets

CryoEM Puck Color Option - Quantity 1 - SKU M-CEMG2-CustomColor

Get your CryoEM puck set in a series of unique colors. Help identify which puck you are working with. Available in 10 different colors, or one unique color. Available colors are: Red, Black, Purple, Grey, Blue, Gold, Green, Violet, Brown, Orange or Rainbow – one of each color.

Cryo-EM Puck Color Guide

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