NanoSoft Igloo

Igloo for the Thermo Fisher Vitrobot – provides features for improved environmental control and ease of use, with the aim of improving sample repeatability.

A large number of variables influence blotting-based Cryo-EM sample preparation, which can lead to poor repeatability in sample quality. The manual transfer of vitrified samples to the grid button is a critical time during which the sample is influenced by the ambient environment and by the expertise of the user. The grid is exposed to air during the transfer – users report that they observe variations in sample quality based on time of year, weather, location, etc., which suggests ambient properties are influencing the sample. Manually transferring the grid requires dexterity while simultaneously tending to multiple things (LN2 levels, ethane quality, etc.) – it’s stressful for experienced users, and for beginners trashed grids are the norm.

Igloo aims to better control the manual transfer when preparing samples with the Thermo Fisher Vitrobot. A more enclosed environment provides protection from contaminating ambient humidity, while various system features transform the manual transfer process into a user friendly experience. The Igloo System is beneficial for all users, but less experienced users in particular will be able to prepare viable grids sooner.

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