Nanosoft tools are designed to make your Cryo-EM work more efficient and productive. Several tools are specific to the Vitrobot. In addition, there is a repair service for tweezers used with the Vitrobot.

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  • NanoSoft Cryo Tweezers

    Cryo Tweezers For Vitrobot
    Cryo-Tweezers work with all generations of the FEI Vitrobot and offer multiple features that make the sample...
  • NanoSoft Igloo

    Igloo For Vitrobot LN2 Pot
    Igloo for the Thermo Fisher Vitrobot – provides features for improved environmental control and ease of...
  • NanoSoft Autogrid Inspection Tool

    Autogrid Inspection Tool
    The autogrid inspection tool is a low-cost way of performing a last autogrid inspection step prior to loading...
  • NanoSoft Ethane Condenser

    Ethane Condenser
    The plastic ethane condenser interfaces with the FEI Vitrobot spider to enable one-handed ethane condensing,...
  • Clipping Tool Repair Service

    Clipping Tool Repair
    Have your clipping tool for the Thermo Scientific Kios or Arctica refurbished to like new quality. Have you...
  • Vitrobot Tweezer Repair

    Vitrobot Tweezer Repair
    If your Vitrobot tweezer has become damaged you can now send it in for repair. Send in your Vitrobot tweezers...
  • Nanosoft Cryo Tweezer Repair

    Nanosoft Cryo Tweezer Repair
    If you damage your Nanosoft Cryo Tweezers, you can send them to us for repair. Despite treating tweezers with...