Clipping Tool

Nanosoft Grid Clipping Tools is loaded with c-clips and clips grids the same way as the Thermo Fisher version, and is compatible with the Thermo Fisher clipping station. The difference is that with the Nanosoft version, instead of ejecting the C-clip by pressing a long plastic handle like with the Thermo version, you press on the Nanosoft tool with a pair of tweezers.

The Nanosoft version has the advantage of a compact design so that when they are placed in LN2 in the clipping station to be cooled down, the entire body is deep enough inside the station that they are untouched by any frost from environmental moisture, even when left in the station at cryogenic temperature for long periods of time. This means you can pre-load as many of the Nanosoft tools with C-clips as you would like, cool them all down at the same time, and then clip all your grids at one time without with little consideration for ice contamination – no need to warm, re-load and re-cool clipping tools.


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