Clipping Station

This is the standard clipping station which consists of the Station Foam Dewar, Clipping Hub, Station Lid and Plug, 1 Clipping Tool Puck Rack.

The Nanosoft Clipping Station provides unmatched ease of use and efficiency for the clipping of cryoEM grids for Thermo Fisher autoloader-based microscopes, with its design optimized for the clipping workflow. A high quality foam dewar integrates grid box storage puck access directly adjacent to the clipping space, increasing ease of use and reducing the potential for contamination transferring grid boxes from pucks in other stations. A new clipping design makes the workflow easier, and a well designed lid balances ease of use and protection. Furthermore, the Clipping Station is compatible with both NanoSoft and Thermo Fisher clipping tools.

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Product Information

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The components of the clipping station are:

  • A - Clipping Hub
  • B - Clipping Station Lid
  • C - Foam Dewar
  • D - Clipping Tool Puck Rack (Shown with clipping tools which are sold separately)
  • E - Clipping Station Lid Plug (See 2nd image)
  • F - Base Mat (See 2nd image)

Clipping Station Components

Clipping Station Lid Plug and Mat