C-clip Bottoming Tool

The Nanosoft C-clip Bottoming Tool provides an easier and more efficient way to “bottom” the C-clip at the tip of the barrel of a clipping tool prior to clipping. After pressing the c-clip into the barrel of the tool, instead of pressing the tip of the barrel against the tabletop or a pair of tweezers to push the c-clip to the tip of the barrel (by pressing the plunger), you place the barrel into the Bottoming Tool and press the plunger of the tool to bottom the c-clip.

The cylinder of the Bottoming Tool ensures that the barrel of the clipping tool is straight, so upon pressing of the plunger to push the c-clip to the tip you are much less likely to “mis-bottom” the c-clip. Often when pressing the tip against the table top or another flat surface, you are not able to hold the barrel exactly straight again the surface and you the c-clip can fly out of the tool and is lost. The Nanosoft Bottoming Tool provides an easy way to ensure you don’t mis-bottom c-clips anymore.


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