Autogrid Rings and C-clips

NanoSoft Autogrid Rings (sometimes called c-clip rings) are a premium quality, less variable, functionally-equivalent option for clipping grids for use in Thermo Fisher Scientific (TFS) cryoEMs and autoloader systems. The Nanosoft rings are half the price of the TFS version, providing high value for a one-time use consumable. They have been tested across 50+ facilities/labs (as of June 2023) without any instances of defects or issues in the autoloader or microscope.

This is a 100-Pack containing 100 Autogrid Rings and 100 C-clips.

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Product Information

NanoSoft has conducted significant analysis and measurements on the TFS version of the rings to ensure that they can produce rings that are functionally-equivalent, in terms of both geometry and material. They are using cutting-edge manufacturing technology to produce a less variable autogrid ring than the TFS version (see data below). Data from autogrids clipped with their rings has been processed and provided high quality results.

​NanoSoft C-clips are high-quality, equivalent to the TFS version. Nanosoft c-clips are also compatible with TFS autogrid rings, and their autogrid rings are compatible with TFS c-clips. These rings and c-clips are compatible with both NanoSoft and TFS clipping stations and tools.

Autogrid Ring Close Up

Autogrid Ring Performance Chart

The data shown above for TFS rings are from a random sampling of rings from 2021-2022. They may or may not be representative of the latest production processes used by TFS. NanoSoft has measured key dimensions of the autogrid ring across significant populations of both the TFS and NanoSoft versions to ascertain the quality of manufacturing. The graphs above show the average dimensional value for 2 features for both autogrid ring versions, along with error bars showing 3 standard deviations, indicating that 99.7% of manufactured parts fall within that range. There are also scatter plots showing the full population of measurements for 2 features that are considered most critical for interaction with the autoloader.

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