NanoSoft Cryo Tweezers

Cryo-Tweezers work with all generations of the FEI Vitrobot and offer multiple features that make the sample preparation process more dependable and effortless for the user.

The cryo tweezers now come with a metal clamp. The logo on the clamp may be slightly different than the image. We are working on updating our images.

Tweezers for plunge-freezing cryo-TEM sample preparation systems have remained the same across all platforms and generations. Fighting to get the tweezer dovetail on and off of the plunger – and fighting with a plastic “O-ring” to grasp and release the delicate TEM grid.

Experienced sample preparation experts will find a smoother process. Early experiences for beginners will become less stressful, leading to fewer lost grids and more successful imaging as they prepare their first samples.

The Cryo-Tweezers are fully assembled, including the modified reverse action tweezers and clamp, made for use with the FEI/Thermo Fisher Vitrobot.

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Product Information

The video is showing the old version of the cryo tweezers. The old version has the plastic clamp. When ordering you will receive the new version of the cryo tweezers which use the metal clamp.