Clipping Tool Repair Service

Have your clipping tool for the Thermo Scientific Kios or Arctica refurbished to like new quality.

Have you been loading your Clipping Tool with a C-clip but the C-clip keeps flying out of the barrel of the tool? Have you clipped a grid and after “clipping”, found that the grid falls out of the Autogrid ring because the C-clip wasn’t there?

There is a wear process that occurs as C-Clips are loaded and unloaded from the Clipping Tool barrel – there is progressive damage inflicted at the edge where the C-Clip sits prior to grid clipping. Eventually damage results in occasional C-Clips flying out of the Clipping Tool barrel prior to clipping – ultimately the damage leads to C-Clips not remaining at the edge and no longer being able to use the Clipping Tool. Replacing the Clipping Tool has meant purchasing a new one for ~$1,000.

We now offer a repair service for the Clipping Tool that refurbishes the edge to like-new quality. The inner edge of the Clipping Tool barrel is perfectly clean and reliably holds the C-Clip until ready to be inserted into the Autogrid ring. NanoSoft’s optimized process ensures the edge is refurbished uniformly and the C-Clip is inserted perpendicular to the Autogrid ring. A like-new Clipping Tool for 1/3 the price! Available for Clipping Tools used with the Thermo Scientific Krios or Arctica.


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