Cryogenic Grid Storage Boxes

Specimen grid boxes for storing or transferring cryogenic TEM specimen grids.

  • Round designs fit MiTeGen  Cryo-EM Grid Box Storage Pucks
  • Four diamond shaped slots
  • Non-static cover is held in place with stainless steel screw, which is tapped in the center of the box
  • Boxes that fit the FEI Vitrobot™, Gatan 626™, Gatan 3500™
SKU: M-CEM-71166-10$11.00
SKU: M-CEM-71166-10-W$11.00
SKU: M-CEM-71166-60$20.00
SKU: M-CEM-71166-20$11.00
SKU: M-CEM-71166-30$8.00
SKU: M-CEM-71166-40$21.00
SKU: M-CEM-71166-50$14.00
SKU: M-CEM-AGG1001$47.00
SKU: M-CEM-CGBSW1$120.00
SKU: M-CEM-7AGB$21.00
View ProductSKU: M-CEM-7AGB-BC1$24.00
View ProductSKU: N/A$5.00$154.00
View ProductSKU: N/A$5.00$154.00
SKU: M-CEM-NS-GBL01$25.00
SKU: M-CEM-71166 Categories: ,

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