Cryo Storage and Freezers TW Series

The IC Biomedical TW Series LN2 freezers are used in laboratory, biorepository and other research applications for everyday liquid nitrogen requirements. There are a variety of cryogenic freezer models to choose with differences in size, hold time and capacity.

SKU: TW-TW20$1,289.00
SKU: TW-TW24$1,469.00
SKU: TW-TW34$1,524.00
SKU: TW-TW35-6$1,949.00
SKU: TW-TW35-10$1,949.00
SKU: TW-TW47-6$1,977.00
SKU: TW-TW47-10$1,999.00
SKU: TW-R021-9C17$44.00
SKU: TW-R024-9C14$44.00
SKU: TW-R034-9C16$73.00
SKU: TW-R036-9C16$94.00
SKU: TW-B020-9D24$37.00
SKU: TW-R024-9C23$37.00
SKU: TW-B034-9D24$43.00
SKU: TW-R036-9C24$56.00
SKU: TW-B047-9D25$67.00
SKU: TW-R018-8C00$343.00
SKU: TW-R033-8C00$355.00
SKU: TW-R024-8C30$1,306.00
SKU: TW-R034-8C15$1,306.00
SKU: TW-R036-8C30$1,306.00