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May 2016

Image of In Situ-1 plate with drops set by the Formulatrix NT8

Collect XRD Data without Harvesting using MiTeGen In Situ-1™ Plates

    • Increase hit rates with controlled kinetics
    • Safely ship crystals in the plate
    • Thin-film bottom improves imaging
    • Set up as sitting-drops and simply flip plate for hanging drops

Formulatrix NT8 with Active Humidification

Set Up To 8 Drops per Well with the Formulatrix NT8

    • Dispense any volume between 50 nL – 1.5 µl
    • Closed system with active humidification increases reproducibility + prevents drop evaporation
    • Flexible dispensing head contours to each well
    • Plate Copy Option: create up to 3 daughter plates from deep well blocks

Drop images from an In Situ-1 plate taken by Rock Imager

Image Multiple Drops per Well with the Formulatrix Rock Imager

    • Easily image multiple drops per well with automatic drop location
    • Take hi-res close-up images of all or designated parts of your drops with continuous zoom optics
    • Automatically image and incubate up to 1000 In Situ-1 plates
    • In Situ-1 plates are compatible with all Formulatrix imaging technologies including UV, MFI and SONICC

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