Membrane Protein Crystallization

Plates, screens, and tools for efficient membrane protein crystallization.

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  • IMISX Kit 20

    The IMISX™ Plate enables researchers to perform in meso in situ serial X-ray crystallography of soluble and...
  • LCP Classic and EZ-Cut

    Standard 96-well SBS plates for crystallization of membrane proteins in LCP. Available with either classic...
  • Accessories for LCP

    Great results start with the best tools. Proven easy-to-use tools for mixing & dispensing LCP, plus all...
  • Amphipol A8-35

    A short amphipathic polymer that is specifically designed for membrane protein stabilization. The surfactant...
  • CrystalCube Plate by Cube Biotech

    Crystal Cube Plate Cube Biotech Lcp
    Fully automatable method, compatible with any nanoliter robot Combines LCP with vapor diffusion to increase...
  • JBScreen LCP

    Lcp JBScreen Jena Crystallization Membrane Protein
    JBScreen LCP is a crystallization screen designed for efficient screening of crystallization conditions in the...
  • JBScreen Membrane

    Optimized for hydrophobic and membrane proteins. Use the most successful conditions for preliminary screening...
  • LCP Screens

    LCP Screens Lipidic Cubic Phase Mitegen Membrane Protein Crystallization
    The tools in the Wizard Cubic LCP (lipidic cubic phase) Kit enable researchers to prepare LCP-type...
  • Starter Kits for LCP

    The most complete bundles to help you get started with LCP! Full Description