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Improved Membrane Protein Crystallization & More!

June 2016


Crystallizing membrane proteins starts with the optimal screen

Figure 1: Locally concentrated protein molecules in the cubic phase that may progress to nucleation and crystal growth[1].

Crystallization in the Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) has become the method of choice for membrane protein crystallization. The 96 conditions of JBScreen LCP result from data mining of 192 integral membrane proteins, that were successfully crystallized by the in meso method and have yielded structures[1]. The screen is ordered by type and concentration of the precipitant. The screen is free of cacodylate* and other highly toxic chemicals.

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[1] Caffrey (2015) A comprehensive review of the lipid cubic phase or in meso method for crystallizing membrane and soluble proteins and complexes. Acta Cryst F 71:3.

* Cacodylate buffer is made from Dimethylarsinic acid (LD50 oral, rat: 644 mg/kg).


For successful crystallization of solubilized membrane proteins

JBScreen Membrane is JBScreen LCP’s classic counterpart designed for the vapor diffusion technique of solubilized membrane proteins. The conditions were extracted from the pdb[2] by mining of successful crystallizations and the results were refined analogously to the LCP approach. Learn More [2]


Streamline your crystal harvesting with this collection of tips

How you handle and mount your crystals has a large impact on the quality of the data you can obtain from them. Our Harvesting Tips poster lays out simple techniques to efficiently harvest all kinds of crystals. It features a clean design, plain language, and visual examples that even undergraduates can understand.

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Tip: Mount Size

MicroLoops LD

Tip: Needle Crystal

MicroLoops E

Tip: MicoTools


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Controlled in–meso (CIMP) Method

The CIMP method combines the advantages of vapor–diffusion method with batch meso phase crystallization. For more information, see “Controlled In Meso Phase Crystallization – A Method for the Structural Investigation of Membrane Proteins”

  • Combines LCP with vapor diffusion to increase success rate
  • Fully automatable method, compatible with any nanoliter robot
  • Requires low protein concentrations (2-5 mg/ml)

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LCP crystallization — with a touch of MiTeGen innovation
Improve crystallization rates, harvest crystals faster and solve more structures. From complete starter kits to the revolutionary IMISX™ plates, MiTeGen is the new source for all of your LCP related needs. MiTeGen LCP Tools


Having the right equipment for your lab is key

To help make certain you have all of the tools needed to maintain a successful crystallography lab, we have continued to expand our offerings. From crystallization plates to pucks, we have what you need for your lab. Below are a couple of the areas where we’ve made additions.