MicroLoops E

MicroLoops E™ have elongated apertures specially designed for mounting crystals with needle or rod morphologies. The small fingers projecting into the aperture gently support your sample. Choosing between Vertical, Horizontal and Inclined apertures allows you to control the crystal orientation relative to the X-ray beam. Use inclined apertures to improve crystal orientation for the most efficient data collection.

Each box contains twenty (20) MicroLoops E™

MiTeGen offers ready-to-use assemblies. Mounts can either be pre-inserted into reusable bases or epoxied into standard bases.
Reusable Mount/Base Assemblies Epoxied Mount/Base Assemblies


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Product Information

MicroLoops E™ are available in a variety of sizes and aperture orientations.
MicroLoops E™
Vertical loops are offered in four different sizes of apertures:
15V– 15 x 150 μm, 30V– 30 x 300 μm, 50V– 50 x 500 μm, and 70V– 70 x 700 μm
Horizontal loops are offered in two different sizes of apertures:
15H– 15 x 150 μm and 50H– 50 x 500 μm
Inclined loops are offered in two different sizes of apetures:
15I– 15 x 150 μm and 50I– 50 x 500 μm

These styles are available in single size boxes of 20 MicroLoops E™ or as three different assortments:
VA1: 5 pins each of 15V, 30V, 50V, and 70V
HA1: 10 pins each of 15H and 50H
IA1: 10 pins each of 15I and 50I

MicroLoops E™ are built on 18 mm / SPINE length rods (pins), which are now standard at nearly all synchrotron beam lines in the world. Other pin lengths are also available: (11mm, 19mm, and 25mm)

We strongly recommend using heavy-duty, serrated-tip tweezers to handle MicroLoops E™.

MicroLoops E™ are compatible with all standard X-ray hardware and can be inserted in 0.7 mm mechanical pencils or micromanipulators for easy handling.

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