Accessories for LCP

Great results start with the best tools. Proven easy-to-use tools for mixing & dispensing LCP, plus all the accessories you need to do even more.

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SKU: MLCP-100muSYR-1$70.00
SKU: MLCP-250muSYR-1$73.00
SKU: MLCP-HN22-6$54.00
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SKU: MLCP-PB600-1$163.00
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10 µL Syringe10 Hamilton part 7653-01, Model 1701 syringe 10 µL capacity. Dispenses in 200 nL increments when used with PB600-1 dispenser
100 µL Syringe Hamilton part 7656-01, Model 1701 syringe 100 µL capacity. Use for mixing. Dispenses in 2µL increments when used with PB600-1 dispenser  
250 µL Syringe Hamilton part 7657-01, Model 1701 syringe 250 µL capacity. Use for mixing. Dispenses in 5µL increments when used with PB600-1 dispenser  
Mixer unions for LCP Symmetrical model couples to 250 µL and 100 µL syringes on both endsAsymmetrical model couples to 250 µL syringes on one side and to 250 µL, 50 µL, or 100 µL syringes on the other  
22 gauge Needles Hamilton Model 7770-02 small hub needles, customized to a shorter length for LCP applicators  
PB600-1 Dispenser Hamilton Model Dispenser. The PB600-1 Repeating Dispensers consistently dispense sample up to 50 times with the push of a button. Dispense volumeincrements are 1/50th of the total syringe volume.  
Scribes For scribing glass covers on classic LCP sandwich sets. Available in Diamond tipped or Carbide Tipped. Replacement tips also avialable.  
18 mm Square cover slides For users who prefer to fill 4 well at a time. Each slide covers 4 wells. Use 24 slides for a full 96 welll plate. Available plain or siliconized  
IMISX goiniometer-mountable mini plate Standard magetic goiniometer base design. Grow directly on this mini plate for in situ studies, or tranfer samples from full IMISX plates to this plate.  
EZ-Cut™ cover films for LCP sandwiches Replaces glass cover plates with an thin polymer film providing for easier harvesting.

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