IMISX Kit 20

The IMISX™ Plate enables researchers to perform in meso in situ serial X-ray crystallography of soluble and membrane proteins.[1]
Developed in collaboration with Dr. Martin Caffrey and Dr. Meitian Wang


Product Information

IMISX™ Kit (20)-Everything needed for twenty (20) IMISX™ sandwich sets, including:

  • (20) Glass LCP base plates with perimeter gaskets installed
  • (20) Glass LCP top cover plates
  • (40) Ultra Thin LCP Films (with protective liners) for inner sandwiches
  • (20) 96-well adhesive gaskets for LCP Film sandwiches
  • (1) in situ Goniometer Adaptor & holder
  • (5) Goniometer Adaptor mounting gaskets
  • (1) Bottle of Silanization fluid
  • (6) Clean wipe applicators
  • (1) Set Instructions