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August 2016


Are you a crystallographer using SPINE cryovials and UniPucks?

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We need your input! The MiTeGen development team has been working closely with the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology (MRC LMB) to address user struggles when cryocooling samples in preparation for remote data collection at facilities that are equipped with UniPuck or SPINE comptable automounting systems.

Many labs are filled with both cryovials and Universal Pucks (UniPucks). When cryocooling your crystals, it may be hard to predict which storage system will be required once your beam-time rolls around. The CombiPuck was designed so that you don’t have to know. The CombiPuck accepts samples cryocooled into SPINE standard cryovials in a form factor compatible with UniPuck handling robots.

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Below is updated information on our latest developments.


Real-time Intensity Monitoring Beamstop System

Sentinel™ Beamstop System was developed in collaboration with Diane Bryant, Simon Morton, and Marc Allaire at the Berkeley Center for Structural Biology at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Comparison image of Sentinel Beamstop and Pen

Image Credit: Simon Morton – LBL

Sentinel Watchdog™ Kit

  • Know exact sample radiation dose exposure
  • Monitor beamline stability continuously
  • Calibrate X-ray beam intensity
  • Record intensity during data collection
  • Micro-sized for minimum shadowing
  • Record long-term photon delivery metrics


Improve Resolution, Reduce Mosaicity, Control Your Plunge

Plunge cooling technique has a dramatic impact on the quality of data you can obtain from your crystals. At ACA 2016, we launched the NANUQ™ Cryocooling Instrument. This instrument eliminates the slow, inconsitent cooling rates that result from hand-plunging crystals into liquid nitrogen and enables a new era of high-speed and controlled cooling experiments.

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Get up–and–running with the right tools for your crystals

MiTeGen MicroTools™ help manipulate, measure, and prepare your crystals. They are rigid enough for precision, yet flexible enough to prevent damage to your crystals.

  • (20) Individual MicroTools on 25 mm rods, preloaded into reusable magnetic bases
  • (1) Magnetic Push-button Wand (for easily switching between tools)
  • (1) Serrated-end tweezers
  • (1) Holder and case
  • (1) Tool location placard

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