X06DA-PXIII Beamline at SLS, Cryo-EM Pucks, CombiPucks, ACA Meeting Preview, & more!

May 2017


X06DA-PXIII – A Phasing Beamline at the Swiss Light Source

A Versatile Beamline for Macromolecular Crystallography

X06DA-PXIII SLS endstation with a PRIGo goniometer & a PILATUS 2M-F detector. (Photo: PSI/Markus Fischer)

X06DA-PXIII [1] at the Swiss Light Source, celebrating its 1,000 PDB entries, is among the most productive macromolecular crystallography beamlines worldwide. X06DA receives light from a 2.9 T superbend magnet, which provides beam performance comparable to undulators, but with very high stability. Therefore, X06DA is not only compatible with high-throughput measurements – well appreciated by 1/3 industrial usage – but is also highly optimized for experimental phasing experiments. Beyond its remarkably fast and stable optics, X06DA offers unique hardware [2] and software tools for advanced phasing data collection protocols [3], which improve both the quality of the anomalous signal and the efficiency with which it is being measured. The current increase in number of structures solved by native SAD (single-wavelength anomalous dispersion) reflects the routine use of a simple and fast data collection protocol developed at X06DA [4], which has proven effective on highly challenging cases [5]. In situ X-ray diffraction screening of crystallization plates, available during users beamtime with a fast switching (two minutes) between in situ and cryogenic mode, further expands the capabilities of the beamline and is available as a service from the integrated crystallization facility [6].

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(Users from the McKenna Lab, University of Florida, Prepare Samples for Plunge Cooling Tests at MiTeGen’s NAF)

The NANUQ™ Access Facility (NAF) is located at MiTeGen’s headquarters in Ithaca, NY, USA, just a few miles away from the CHESS synchrotron beamlines. The facility and support services enable crystallographers to access state-of-the-art equipment that will optimize the cryocooling of their crystals, while reducing or eliminating the need for cryoprotectants. The laboratory facility includes a NANUQ™ cryocooling device, liquid nitrogen supplies and accessories, a Carl Zeiss Discovery V8 stereo microscope outfitted for crystallography, and all the required tools and accessories for controlled, reproducible cryocooling into the Universal V1 Pucks (Uni-pucks). MiTeGen personnel are on site to directly assist in ensuring the success of NAF users.

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