Automated Data Collection at MASSIF-1, BHT Meeting, & more!

October 2016


Intelligent Autonomous MX: MASSIF-1 at the ESRF

Considerable human effort is still dedicated to evaluating protein crystals at synchrotron sources in order to find the few crystals that diffract well or to find the one crystal that contains a potential new drug candidate. Much of this work is repetitive and the time spent could be better invested in the interpretation of results. MASSIF-1 [1] is a beamline at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) that makes use of the latest developments in robotics [2], pixel array detectors and advanced software [3] to fully automate the process of data collection from protein crystals.

(Images from MASSIF-1 captioned in full story.)

Read the Full MASSIF-1 Beamline Spotlight Here
[1] Bowler, M.W., Nurizzo, D., et al. (2015). MASSIF-1: A beamline dedicated to the fully automatic characterisation and data collection from crystals of biological macromolecules, J. Synchrotron Rad. 22, 1540-1547,

[2] Nurizzo, D., Bowler M.W., et al. (2016) RoboDiff: combining a sample changer and goniometer for highly automated macromolecular crystallography experiments, Acta Cryst D72, 966-975,

[3] Svensson, O., Monaco, S., Popov, A. N., Nurizzo, D. & Bowler, M. W. (2015). The fully automatic characterization and data collection from crystals of biological macromolecules, Acta Cryst. D71, 1757-1767,


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Our online Beamline Guide is a comprehensive resource for beamline technical information:

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Real-time Intensity Monitoring Beamstop System

Sentinel™ Beamstop System was developed in collaboration with Diane Bryant, Simon Morton, and Marc Allaire at the Berkeley Center for Structural Biology at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Sentinel Beamstop System

Sentinel Watchdog™ Kit

  • Know exact sample radiation dose exposure
  • Monitor beamline stability continuously
  • Calibrate X-ray beam intensity
  • Record intensity during data collection
  • Micro-sized for minimum shadowing
  • Record long-term photon delivery metrics

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25th Annual Buffalo-Hamilton-Toronto Symposium

MiTeGen is excited to be sponsoring and attending the 25th Annual BHT Symposium taking place November 4th, 2016 at McMaster University in Hamilton:

Mission Statement:
The BHT meeting is an annual one day meeting for macromolecular crystallographers in Western New York and Southern Ontario. The meeting is held each year in early November to discuss and learn about new and innovative crystallographic techniques, and to provide a venue for showcasing the achievements of our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

View BHT Webpage Here

Requests for information regarding the BHT Organization and its Annual Meeting should be sent to: [email protected]


Get up–and–running with the right tools for your crystals
MiTeGen MicroTools™ help manipulate, measure, and prepare your crystals. They are rigid enough for precision, yet flexible enough to prevent damage to your crystals.
  • (20) Individual MicroTools on 25 mm rods, preloaded into reusable magnetic bases
  • (1) Magnetic Push-button Wand (for easily switching between tools)
  • (1) Serrated-end tweezers
  • (1) Holder and case
  • (1) Tool location placard


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