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March 2016


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LCP crystallization — in meso, in situ serial X–ray crystallography

“This is a truly exciting development. We have demonstrated the method on a variety of cell membrane proteins, some of which act as transporters. It will work with existing equipment at a host of facilities worldwide, and it is very simple to implement.”

— Martin Caffrey
Professor of Membrane Structural and Functional Biology

MiTeGen IMISX Plate


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Researchers solve crystal structure of HIV–related intasome

Image source: Nature             A paper published in Nature has revealed the structure of the Rous sarcoma virus’s intasome that is similar to the intasome of HIV and enables inception of the viral genome into the cell. The discovery continues the work of Dr. Duane Grandgenett, PhD who discovered viral integrase in 1978 which led to the creation of effective drugs for HIV management still in use today. Read more to learn about how effective HIV drug treatment regimes are instituted to fight resistance.

Structure solved for step in enzymatic biofuel production

Image source: Nature        Lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (LPMOs) break down polysaccharides in a step-wise fashion, and details of the first step of that process has come from discovery of the strucure of LPMOs and polysaccharides in complex with each other.


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) Retreat – March 17, 2016
MiTeGen was excited to attend the 11th Annual Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Retreat. The retreat was organized by Dr. Clara Kielopf and held at The Historic German House in Rochester, NY. The event provided an exciting venue for our new Sales Manager, Joyce Frank View Joyce Frank's profile on LinkedIn, to begin her introduction to the crystallography community. Joyce brings to MiTeGen experience working with scientists – at the bench, in business development, sponsored research, and intellectual property. She spent 10 years in Sales and Sales Management at Life Technologies while living in Rochester NY. It was a special welcome for her to reconnect with friends and customers while meeting new ones.


Get up–and–running with the right tools for your crystals

MiTeGen MicroTools™ help you to measure and manipulate your crystal samples. They are rigid enough for precision yet flexible enough to not harm your crystals.

  • (20) Individual MicroTools (Kit #1/2/3) on 25 mm rods, preloaded into reusable magnetic bases
  • (1) Magnetic Push-button Wand (for easily switching between tools)
  • (1) Serrated-end tweezers
  • (1) Holder and case
  • (1) Tool location placard

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Our In Situ-1 crystallization plates

A set of MiTeGen’s In Situ–1 crystallization plates are blasting off to outer space aboard SpaceX flight CRS-8. The launch is currently scheduled for April 2016.

The plates will be used as part of a microgravity protein crystallization research project being conducted on the International Space Station.

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Products from MiTeGen are mentioned hundreds of times a year in scholarly articles
Preparation of Crystalline Samples of Amyloid Fibrils and Oligomers

Energy Environ. Sci
Sabrina Beckmann, et al.WebPrintProtein Amyloid Aggregation (2016)

MiTeGen MicroLoops LD™

In–vacuum long–wavelength macromolecular crystallography

Armin Wagner, Ramona Duman, Keith Hendersona and Vitaliy MykhaylykWebScience Direct, (2016).

NVH Oil™

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Streamline your crystal harvesting with this collection of tips

How you handle and mount your crystals has a large impact on the quality of the data you can obtain from them. Our new Harvesting Tips poster lays out simple techniques to efficiently harvest all kinds of crystals. It features a clean design, plain language, and visual examples that even undergraduates can understand.

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Tip: Mount Size

MicroLoops LD

Tip: Needle Crystal

MicroLoops E

Tip: MicoTools


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