Unitray (Pre-filled)

  • Ready-to-use loops pre-loaded in Unitray
  • Stay organized and harvest faster

A ready-to-use Unitray pre-loaded with MicroLoops LD (customer select loop size(s) – we will contact you). Enough loops for 11 Uni-pucks (176), pre-loaded into barcoded reusable SPINE (B5-R) bases. Identical to parts used at the XChem Facility at Diamond Light Source.

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Product Information

Cleaning and organizing your MicroMounts™ and MicroLoops™ with the Unitray™ system is quick and easy. With the Uniwand™, you can work with up to sixteen loops and bases at once. And the Unitray™ neatly stores up to 176 loops and bases (11 pucks!).


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