Apiezon N Cryogenic Vacuum grease

Silicon-Free and Halogen-Free cryogenic vacuum grease that is widely recommended and recognized as the grease of choice in cryogenic applications.

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Product Information

A very tiny spot of Apiezon N is excellent for affixing small molecules to MiTeGen mounts, and provides for improved thermal contact. Apiezon N grease can be relied upon to maintain an effective, crack free connection for long periods, even in applications which are subject to frequent thermal cycling.

  • At room temperature, Apiezon N provides for a tenacious rubbery adhesion between your small molecule and chosen MiTeGen Mount
  • Craze-free at cryogenic temperatures
  • Fills micropores of adjoining surfaces, improving thermal contact
  • Exhibits a vapour pressure of 6 x 10-10 Torr at 20°C
  • Built-in radiation resistance
  • Easy to clean, use and remove