Quick Puck Loader

Loading crystal mounted pins into a Rigaku Puck can be a time consuming process with great potential for error. Even for the most skilled technician, pins can often become mis-seated and cause the robot to crash, damaging the precious crystals.

The Quick Puck Loader, invented at Structural Genomics Consortium at Toronto, was designed to load crystal mounted pins into the Rigaku style puck quickly and easily while reducing the potential for mis-seating. This loader can be manipulated by existing Rigaku Puck Tongs, no additional tools needed.

The device is currently used in leading research labs and pharmaceutical companies

Colors available include red, blue and gold. Mixed colors are also available.



Product Information

1) Load crystal mounted pins directly into the Quick Puck Loader, and
2) Then fit the Rigaku Puck over top and
3) Use the ACTOR Magazine Tongs to firmly grasp the Quick Puck Loader, and
4) Flip it over.
5) Use the same ACTOR Magazine Tongs to separate the Quick Puck Loader from the puck,
6) The Pins are perfectly seated and the puck is ready to be loaded into the robot.

… No more losing crystals!

Full Product Use Manual (pdf)