Liquid Wicks

MiTeGen Liquid wicks remove unwanted liquid and can used to clean other MiTeGen tools.


Product Information

Liquid wicks are ideal for delicately removing excess liquid from a sample, and for cleaning the polymer tips of Mitegen’s tools. We offer four sizes of wicks: Size 15, extra fine (XF), fine (F) and medium (M).

Size 15 wicks fit the wicking aperture of MicroMounts. The thick end of these wicks fits into a standard 0.7 mm mechanical pencil, allowing you to steady your wicking motions.

Medium (M) and Fine (F) wicks are ideal for cleaning the polymer tips of MicroMounts, MicroMeshes and our other tools.

Cut back from the widest end using a razor blade so that the diameter fits into your 0.7 mm pencil. Then dip the other end in water, a detergent solution or in isopropanol, and gently stroke the polyimide from base to tip.

Each box contains 28-mm long, high-quality, tapered paper wicks.

Order Size 15 and Extra Fine (XF) wicks for removing liquid from around your crystal.

Order Fine (F) and Medium (M) Wicks for cleaning MicroMounts.

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