Enhanced Automation for High Throughput Cryo-EM Screening and Data Collection for Drug Design - Recorded Webinar

On December 9th we participated in a Thermo Fisher Scientific Ask The Expert webinar on the topic of enhanced automation for high throughput cryo-EM screening and data collection for drug design. This webinar featured recent advances in cryo-EM automation for increased productivity to provide structural insights for your drug discovery pipeline.

This is an opportunity for you to learn from your peers, including Andreas Schenk (Novartis) and our own Ben Apker (MiTeGen) discussing how the current state of the art cryo-EM workflow automations compares to X-ray crystallography in terms throughput and resolution.

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Watch the recorded webinar on Enhanced Automation for High Throughput Cryo-EM Screening and Data Collection for Drug Design

Overview of What We Discussed During The Webinar

Listed below are the time stamps in the video during which we discussed innovations from MiTeGen

  • 9:45 to 19:02 - Learn about MiTeGen and overview of our innovations cryo-EM. This included how you can improve your handling, storage and transportation of samples with our grid puck storage system. In addition, learn how to improve your cassette storage and transport methodology and prepare your cassettes in advance by using our Autogrid cassette puck.
  • 33:35 to 34:55 - Question - What is the orientation of the MiTeGen autogrid cassette puck? Answer - The latest version of our puck now provides the correct orientation that users require.
  • 41:35 to 43:45 - Question - Are there any problems with ice contamination using Autogrid cassette pucks? Answer - There is a clear lid that rotates 180 degrees over the cassette which helps protect the samples. As long as you are working in reasonably good lab settings and you are being responsible in how you transfer pucks you should not experience any contamination.
  • 58:44 to 1:00:03 -Question - Can autogrid cassette pucks be shipped? - Answer Yes they can! They are designed to be fully compatible with shipping canisters

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